PRESENTING a LOVELY Vintage Silver Plated and Glass Flower Frog by Falstaff.

Mid 20th Century British Silver Plated bowl/holder, with glass flower frog for 19 flowers.

Circa 1965.

Marked ‘Falstaff Silver Plate England’ made by A.E. Williams & Sons, Birmingham.

Made in Birmingham.

Pretty little addition to anyone’s collection and functional!

FLOWER FROG: A flower frog is a device used to help arrange flowers.

Some, such as the Japanese Kenzan, are utilitarian metal devices that fit into a vase or bowl and fix the stems by metal needles. Other designs use a number of holes or guides that stems could be fit through for arranging. A flurry of patents followed the metal flower frog popularity, all claiming to save the housewife time and allow her to quickly and creatively arrange flowers. Many types of flower frogs are art pieces with holes for flower stems and a container for holding water.


FALSTAFF: It looks like Arnold E. Williams And Sons Limited registered the logo FALSTAFF on the 27th Oct 1949 from the Address Arnewill Works, 84 Vyse St. Birmingham 18, England. They then registered the Logo in the USA on the 25th June 1963 using the same address.

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Vintage Silver Plated and Glass Flower Frog by Falstaff

Provenance: Bought from an Estate Sale in Ireland.

Dimensions: 4.5 in in diameter and 2 in tall

Condition: Very good.


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