Frequently Asked Questions

When buying Fine Art or Antiques, we know that this can be a daunting experience for some people, especially the inexperienced.

When buying a car, you are relying upon the Dealership and Salesman, that the car will not break down shortly after buying it.

When buying Fine Art or Antiques, your concerns would be about the piece’s authenticity, its true age, its provenance and above all, am I paying too much?

At Rockwell Antiques, you will not experience these worries and concerns.

We know where our piece’s have come from.

Through a combination of documentation, deep research and over 40 years of experience in our area of expertise, we know our pieces(s) authenticity, provenance and age and we honor our pieces, by presenting them to you with an honest and faithful presentation of their age, authenticity and condition.

We know that they have been priced based upon current market valuations. Every piece we sell has been thoroughly researched and compared to items of similar quality for sale by other high-end antique dealers.

We have all the knowledge and required research tools at our disposal to research and value our items (or those on Consignment or for Appraisal).

We are very ‘book smart’ and ‘tech savvy’!

Our prices are not ‘plucked from the air’!

We are a Member in Good Standing of the Antique & Collectibles National Association.



Refund/Return Policy

What you see and what is described, is what you get.

We do our best to provide an honest assessment of each piece’s condition in our listings/postings, but we will provide you with a ‘full condition report’ in addition to the condition issues listed on the posting, upon request. We will likewise provide additional photos of pieces upon request.

We use our best endeavors to properly and accurately describe the condition and repairs or restoration of pieces in our postings and listings, but, as, many of our pieces are over 150 and 200 years old, they will ALWAYS have some imperfections, scratches, cracks, blemishes etc. It is only to be expected BUT we are ‘purists’, who think that such minor aging issues, only add to the beauty, patina and mystery of each piece.

This is why we eagerly encourage our customers and clients to view in person before committing to buy.

We also encourage our potential online customers to seek condition reports and additional information on condition on any piece they are interested in purchasing. We are only too happy to provide this information with supporting photographs when asked.

We would rather not have an argument with you ‘after’ the deal has been done!

We value your GOODWILL and our REPUTATION!

7 Day Refund Policy

We offer ALL our ‘online’ customers a 7 day refund/return of an item is they are unhappy with the item.

NOTE: This does not apply to customers who have bought ‘in store’ and have had an opportunity to physically inspect the item before purchasing.

Once we receive an order for an item and have been paid for the item and shipping, we will without delay have the item shipped to the customer and will email you with a Tracking Number.

Once the item is received by you (the Customer) you will have 7 days from the date of receipt (including weekend days) to email us with a request for a return and/or refund. 

You will be requested to securely repack the item and have it shipped back to us without delay, using a reputable shipper. You will be solely responsible for this cost of shipping. You will be fully responsible for insuring the item being return shipped and you will furnish us with the Tracking Number, once shipped back.

When we receive the returned goods and are satisfied that the item(s) have been returned in the same condition as when they left our store, we will without delay refund you the purchase price of the item (but not the shipping charges).

If the item has been damaged (in any way) then NO refund will be given by us.

If the customer claims that the item has been damaged by the shipper/carrier who returns the item, then the customer will have to file a claim with that shipper/carrier seeking their refund under their insurance with that shipper/carrier. It will NOT be our responsibility to seek recompense from that shipper/carrier.

If I buy from you online and the item is damaged in shipping to me, will I get a refund?

Yes, in most cases, we will offer a refund, if an item is damaged during shipping. 

We VALUE your custom & goodwill and would not like to see ANY customer suffer a loss that is none of their making.

Again, like our standard refund policy, the customer will have 7 days from the date of receipt (including weekend days) to email us informing us of the shipping damage together with a request for a return and/or refund or partial refund, if the customer wants to keep the item and have it repaired themselves. 

We will require photographs of (1) the original shipping box and packaging and (2) high res images of the alleged damaged item with emphasis on the area of alleged damage.

If, we are then satisfied that the alleged damage is directly as a result of negligent shipping, we will either:

(1) offer a partial refund for the repair cost of the item (if the customer wants to keep it and have it repaired), or

(2) we will offer a full refund for the item, but the customer will be responsible for packing and shipping the item back to us at their own expense.

Once we receive the returned item and are satisfied that it is only damaged as per the customers photos provided, we will immediately issue a full refund of the original cost plus the original cost of shipping. We may also require the customer to commit to assisting us in any dispute with the shipping carrier (if the need arises). 

How much will this item cost?

We have priced all our items online.

Also, all items are ticketed and priced in our showrooms and Gallery.

The ticketed price is the retail price. Some discounts may apply, depending on volume of purchases, sales to the trade, flash sales, etc.

Do not hesitate to ask us if any of these discounts would apply to you.

We are ALWAYS open to reasonable offers on our pieces, so do not hesitate to ask and/or Offer !

From time to time, we will run Seasonal or Special Occasion Sales. The percentage discount offered in those Sales, is deducted from the marked retail price.

Do we provide Trade/Interior Designer Discounts? 

Yes, we do offer generous discounts to the trade and Interior Designers … just ask or make an offer. We will not refuse reasonable offers.

Who pays for Shipping?

If you agree to buy from us online, then we will obtain a shipping quote for you, which you will pay in addition to the agreed sale price.

For smaller items we will securely pack the item for you, without additional cost to you.

We will obtain a USPS or UPS or FedEx quote for ground shipping if located in the US or Air shipping it outside the US. We will give you the various shipping options and quotes for your preference before furnishing you with your final Invoice, which will include the chosen shipping option quote, in addition to the agreed sale price of the item.


In some cases (larger freight items or white glove shipping) we will include these duties on our Invoice for payment directly to the shipping Company.

For larger and more valuable items, we will be happy to recommend a Quality and Professional ‘White-Gloved’ Shipping Company based here in Dallas, and with your agreement will obtain a quotation for you for their packing, handling and door to door delivery.

You will be responsible to pay this shipping cost. You can also choose to use your own shipping company, if you so wish.

Local clients can arrange their own collection and delivery, if they so wish.

How do I pay?  Can I buy with Paypal or Credit/Debit Card?

Yes, you can pay us with PayPal and we accept credit/debit cards payments up to the value of $5,000 ONLY.

Purchases in excess of $5,000 must be paid for by a means other than credit/debit card or PayPal.

Bank/Wire Transfer will be the main option in purchases over $5,000 and we will furnish you with our Bank Details to complete.

We accept all major forms of credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Other forms of acceptable payment can be Bank/Wire Transfer, Cash, or Cashiers Check.

We will discuss payment options with each customer/client upon presentation of Final Invoice. 

We will discuss payment, shipping and Invoicing with you to complete the transaction.

We may ask for a DEPOSIT PAYMENT, however, in order for you to secure the item, pending Final Invoice and completion of the transaction.

Can I Obtain more details on items and Condition Reports?

Yes, if you request more information or details on any item we will be happy to furnish what we can by email. If  you want a Condition Report, we will give you such a report by email, as accurately as we can. This is only available to online buyers as, again, we prefer our customers and clients to visit and view for themselves.

Can you help me with Maintenance Tips?

Yes, we are only too happy to assist you in relation to advice and tips on maintenance and care, of any piece you buy from us. We will make recommendations re maintenance products etc.

Do you accept items on Consignment?

Yes, we do accept items for sale by us on Consignment. However, we do not guarantee that we will accept every item proposed to us.

We will ONLY sell items of QUALITY and items that ‘fit’ our existing Inventory.

Just ask for our Consignment Agreement Terms.

We will only sell rare and desirable antiques and fine art. 

Do not let this ‘put you off’ or deter you from approaching us.

You may possess something which we would consider desirable!

Always remember the old saying: “One Man’s Junk is another Man’s Treasure”!

Let us see it and we will advise you.

We are happy to give you advice in relation to the best way to sell your Art or Antiques.

Do you do Appraisals?

Yes, we are happy to do appraisals for you.

If you wish for us to sell something for you on consignment, we will give you our appraisal free of charge.

If you simply want us to visit your home to carry out appraisals, then we will charge you a fee, depending upon how much time and expense we incur carrying out such an appraisal.

As with most appraisals, we do not guarantee that we will give you an appraisal there and then, but we will take photos for research purposes and revert.

How do I know that you have the expertise to sell my items on Consignment or carry out an Appraisal?

Our Team has over 40 years experience in this industry.

We are highly respected industry professionals, both trustworthy and honest.

We have consistent 5 Star Reviews on ALL Platforms.

We are ‘Platinum Sellers” on 1stDibs.

We are very up-to-date on IT and have all the offline experience and resources available to us to properly research, appraise and market your items.

We are award winning dealers, with international recognition and we have the ability to expose your item (s) to the Global Marketplace, through not only our own (Award Winning) Website, but also such prestigious high-end global online platforms such as 1stDibs, Chairish, Incollect etc. Ordinary ‘consignment stores’ cannot do this.

We feel that our existing Inventory, this Website and speaking to us, should make you feel very comfortable in using our services.

Do you buy Art & Antiques from the Public?

Yes, SOMETIMES .. but not ALWAYS!

We only ‘buy’, when we feel that we need to re-invest in our Inventory.

When our Inventory is FULL we do not buy!

When ‘buying’, we only buy TOP QUALITY items!

We are a very ‘High-End Gallery’ and are not interested in what we consider to be standard antiques and collectibles that you would find in your local Antique Mall.

BUT experience has taught us, that, you simply do not know what a prospective seller has and is trying to sell to you. The ONLY way we will know, if your item(s) are of interest to us, is to see some photos of them, which can be emailed to us at: [email protected]  (F.A.O: Nevan).

If you have something of quality you wish to sell us, we are interested in seeing what you have. 

We will not buy everything and remember 3 things in this regard:-

(i) We will ONLY buy items of TOP QUALITY. We will only buy rare and desirable antiques and fine art, that are suitable for our Gallery. We recommend that you browse our Inventory first (before contacting us), to get a better ‘feel’ for and understanding of our ‘position’ in the market.

(ii) We will only pay a reasonable sum for items, in order to make a profit, and

(iii) It costs nothing to talk.

Do you release items on Approval?

Yes, in certain cases we allow client’s to take items to their home on Approval. Just ask and we will give you our Approval Agreement terms.

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