PRESENTING A RARE FIRST EDITION hardback copy of The Wandering Jew by Eugene Sue, Complete Edition IN ONE VOLUME with Illustrations by GAVARNI and GIRARDET,, published by George Routledge and Sons, The Broadway, Ludgate Hill, London and New York: 416 Broome Street – UNDATED….probably 1879/1880

Whilst there are other First Editions of this famous Book….starting in 1844…..this is the First Edition of the 1879/80 Routledge Illustrated Edition in one Volume.

This RARE book is in fair to good condition, some wear to the cover. Some minor foxing and some loosening to the string binding, but ‘all in all’ in very good condition for it’s age. The first couple of pages inside the cover have come loose from the spine and binding but All pages are intact, as are all illustrations.

This book was part of the extensive private Dallas collection. 

This is a VERY RARE Edition!!

Marie-Joseph “Eugène” Sue (French pronunciation: ​[ø.ʒɛn sy] (26 January 1804 – 3 August 1857) was a French novelist. He was one of several authors who popularized the genre of the serial novel in France with his very popular and widely imitated The Mysteries of Paris, which was published in a newspaper from 1842 to 1843.

His naval experiences supplied much of the materials of his first novels, Kernock le pirate (1830), Atar-Gull (1831), La Salamandre (2 vols., 1832), La Coucaratcha (4 vols., 1832–1834), and others, which were composed at the height of the Romantic movement of 1830. In the quasi-historical style he wrote Jean Cavalier, ou Les Fanatiques des Cevennes (4 vols., 1840) and Latréaumont (2 vols., 1837). His Mathilde (1841) contains the first known expression of the popular proverb “La vengeance se mange très-bien froide”, lately expressed in English as “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

He was strongly affected by the socialist ideas of the day, and these prompted his most famous works, the “anti-Catholic” novels: The Mysteries of Paris (Les Mystères de Paris) (published in Journal des débats from 19 June 1842 until 15 October 1843) and The Wandering Jew (Le Juif errant; 10 vols., 1844–1845), which were among the most popular specimens of the serial novel. These works depicted the intrigues of the nobility and the harsh life of the underclass to a wide public. Les Mystères de Paris spawned a class of imitations all over the world, the city mysteries.


The Wandering Jew (French: Le Juif errant) is an 1844 novel by the French writer Eugène Sue.

The story is entitled The Wandering Jew, but the figure of the Wandering Jew himself plays a minimal role. The prologue of the text describes two figures who cry out to each other across the Bering Straits. One is the Wandering Jew, the other his sister, Hérodiade. The Wandering Jew also represents the cholera epidemic— wherever he goes, cholera follows in his wake.

The Wandering Jew and Hérodiade are condemned to wander the earth until the entire Rennepont family has disappeared from the earth. The connection is that the descendants of the sister are also the descendants of Marius de Rennepont, Huguenots persecuted under Louis XIV by the Jesuits. Sue never explains how a Huguenot family came to be descended from an immortal Jewish woman who never married or had children. The brother and sister are compelled to protect this very family from all harm. After this first introduction, the two appear only very rarely.


The Wandering Jew by Sue Complete Edition with Illustrations.

Provenance: Part of a Private Dallas Collection.

Dimensions: 7.5 in tall, 5.5 in wide and 2 in deep

Condition: Fair to Good ORIGINAL CONDITION.


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