Vintage Chinese Double Happiness Wedding Candlesticks

PRESENTING a LOVELY Vintage Chinese Double Happiness Wedding Candlesticks, a Matching Pair.

Made in China in the early 20th Century of bronzed pewter, with their Original folded beehive wax candles.

Made circa 1930.

Made for the purpose of commemorating and celebrating a wedding ceremony.

The candlesticks contain the symbols for love, double happiness and marriage.

Unmarked, but show signs of genuine age.

Double Happiness (simplified Chinese: 双喜; traditional Chinese: 雙喜; pinyinshuāngxǐ) sometimes translated as Double Happy, is a Chinese traditional ornament design, commonly used as a decoration symbol of marriage. Outside of China, it is also used in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Double Happiness is a ligature, “囍” composed of 喜喜 – two copies of the Chinese characters  () literally meaning joy, compressed to assume the square shape of a standard Chinese character (much as a real character may consist of two parts), and is pronounced as a polysyllabic Chinese character, being read as 双喜 (shuāngxǐ).

Typically the character “囍” is written in Chinese calligraphy, and frequently appears on traditional decorative items, associated with marriage. Double happiness symbol also often found all over the wedding ceremony, as well as on gift items given to the bride and groom. The color of the character is usually red, occasionally black.

Since 2017, the version 10 of the Unicode Standard features a rounded version of the character in the “Enclosed Ideographic Supplement” block, at code point U+1F264 (ROUNDED SYMBOL FOR SHUANGXI)


Vintage Chinese Double Happiness Wedding Candlesticks.

Provenance: From a Private Dallas Estate.

Condition: Excellent original condition.

Dimensions: Each is 15.5″ Tall, 4.5″ Wide and 3.25″ Deep

PRICE NOW: $1,600 (PAIR)

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