PRESENTING A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for the Collector of Vintage Photographic Equipment …. a Vintage Case Full of Cameras and Lenses – Leica, Canon, Minolta, Vivitar, etc.

This metal briefcase is brim full of ‘goodies’ !!!

Without doubt the ‘star of the show’ is the RARE Vintage 1955 German Leica M3 Camera and lenses, one already attached to the camera and one separate.

This Leica M3 Camera has a Serial No: 743378, which proves it was made in 1955. The first model made was in 1954 and only 233,209 were made between 1954 and 1966. The first model had a serial number of 700000 and the last 1158995. The lower the number/the earlier the number the more collectible the camera becomes. Serious Collectors look for a serial number in the 700000’s. Serial number 700001 sold at auction for $400k+, No 700004 sold in 2016 for $260k.

This camera has a valuable lens attached, namely, a RARE 1955 Summarit 1.5/5cm Chrome Screw Mount Lens Serial No: 1273873. Because of the serial numbers and production dates we have no doubt that these have always been together since 1955,

We also have a separate, RARE Vintage German 1954 Leica Wetzlar Summaron m.35mm F 2.8 Chrome Lens with Serial No: 1187162. It is interesting to note the retailers label/price sticker on the lens cover …. “Cooters Village Camera Shop, (8) 35mm for M-3 … Used … $79.95”. This explains why the original owner had a Leica lens which predates his camera ! He obviously, bought it ‘used’ in 1955 when buying the other Leica equipment … probably also from ‘Cooters’ !!

We believe that ‘Cooters’ were a high-end camera store in Highland Park in Dallas, up to a few years ago.

The main items in this FABULOUS LOT are:

  1. RARE Vintage German Leica Leitz Wetzlar Chrome M3 Camera 1955 Model Serial No: 743378 with attached RARE 1955 Summarit 1.5/5cm Chrome Screw Mount Lens Serial No: 1273873.
  2. RARE Vintage German Leica Wetzlar Summaron m.35mm F 2.8 Chrome Lens Serial No: 1187162..
  3. Vintage Canon AE1 Program Camera with 50 mm 1.8 lens attached.
  4. Vintage Canon 70-210mm 1.4 FD Zoom Lens.
  5. Vintage Canon 50mm f1.8 FD Mount Lens.
  6. RARE Vintage early Minolta Folding Camera Crown Rapid Crown II Tiyoko in original leather case, circa 1937 with Serial No: 14043.
  7. Vintage Minolta Auto Tele Rokkor – PF f135mm Lens in original leather case.
  8. RARE Vintage Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 Auto Telephoto Portrait Lens with detachable 55mm UV Haze Filter.
  9. Vintage Soligor Selector CDS in original leather case.
  10. Vintage Weston Master II Universal Exposure Meter in original leather case.
  11. RARE Vintage Edna Lite Optical Glass Filter in original leather pouch.
  12. Various caps, covers extensions and bits that an avid photographer will identify.
  13. As an added bonus we are throwing in a separate vintage square leather case with vintage camera/photography related ‘stuff’ inside.


This type of equipment (although vintage) is not really our kind of area of expertise …. hence we want to sell it as ONE LOT but at a BARGAIN price for the collector !!

The ‘Leica’ items in this Lot are worth more than the asking price for everything !!!!

Vintage Case Full of Rare Cameras and Lenses – 1955 Leica M3, Canon AE1, 1937 Minolta, Vivitar, etc

Provenance: From a Private Dallas Estate.

Condition: The items appear to be in good condition. They are being sold as they were found. There is a very minor loss of leather to the back of the Leica Camera. The Vintage Minolta Folding Camera has damage to the case, loss of leather, rust etc. but the mechanisms are fully intact including the leather folding section which we believe is the most important piece to remain intact. A crack on the face of the Weston Master II Universal Exposure Meter. The zipper to the Canon Zoom Lens case is broken.

Dimensions: The Metal Case is 14 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

The Brown Case is 6.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep


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