PRESENTING a GORGEOUS Large Oil on Canvas, by Japanese Master Impressionist, Hiyashi NoBuo in beautiful original gilt wood frame.

Beautiful landscape scene of mountain lake, forests and snowy mountains in the background. Probably a Japanese landscape but could easily be the Rockies or other mountainous area.

The snow covered mountains are beautifully reflected in the still/calm waters of the lake.

In our opinion, this is exceptionally painted …. outstanding QUALITY!

Signed ‘NoBuo 1952’ on the bottom left.

Little is known about Hyashi NoBuo here in the USA. We know he was born in 1925 and is regarded as a visual artist. We have a number of his works in our Collection and in our opinion he was an ‘impressionist’ style painter. Most of his works that have come on to the market (very few have been sold) involve everyday scenes of Japanese life and culture, all painted in the impressionist style. Even fewer landscape have ever appeared on the market by him. He has been exhibited on numerous occasions in high end Galleries in Tokyo and is a very highly regarded Japanese Artist.

The rarity of his works and infrequency upon which they appear on the market indicates to us that his works are highly treasured by those that possess one.

We definitely feel that NoBuo is an under-appreciated Artist as the quality of his works are outstanding. We feel that once, more of his works appear for sale that his value with exponentially increase.

This is your chance to invest in his works while the market still undervalues him!!


Hiyashi NoBuo Large Oil on Canvas – Lake & Snowy Mountains.

Provenance: From a DFW (Originally Los Angeles) Private Collection acquired shortly after WW2.

Dimensions: 44.25 inches wide, 33.5 inches tall and 3 inches deep (Frame)

Condition: Very good.

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