20C British Mahogany Armchair with Cabriole legs.

REALLY NICE early 20th Century British Mahogany armchair with cabriole legs.

From circa 1900 – 1910.

Drum shaped back with beautiful contoured arms and cabriole legs.

Definitely in the style of a much earlier chair……..as seen from the cabriole legs and ball feet.

It still has its original gold colored upholstery in PERFECT CONDITION !!

This is a quality and classy piece !

20C British Mahogany Armchair with Cabriole legs.

History of English Chairs: Although English furniture derives so extensively from foreign and especially French and Italian models, the earlier forms of English chairs owed but little to exotic influences. This was especially the case down to the end of the Tudor period, after which France began to set her mark upon the British chair. The squat variety, with heavy and sombre back, carved like a piece of panelling, gave place to a taller, more slender, and more elegant form, in which the framework only was carved, and attempts were made at ornament in new directions. The stretcher especially offered opportunities which were not lost upon the cabinet-makers of the Restoration. From a mere uncompromising cross-bar intended to strengthen the construction it blossomed, almost suddenly, into an elaborate scroll-work or an exceedingly graceful semicircular ornament connecting all four legs, with a vase-shaped knob in the centre. The arms and legs of chairs of this period were scrolled, the splats of the back often showing a rich arrangement of spirals and scrolls. This most decorative of all types appears to have been popularized in England by the cavaliers who had been in exile with Charles II, and had become familiar with it in the north-western parts of the European continent. During the reign of William and Mary these charming forms degenerated into something much stiffer and more rectangular, with a solid, more or less fiddle-shaped splat and a cabriole leg with pad feet. The more ornamental examples had cane seats and ill-proportioned cane backs. From these forms was gradually developed the Chippendale chair, with its elaborately interlaced back, its graceful arms and square or cabriole legs, the latter terminating in the claw and ball or the pad foot. George Hepplewhite, Thomas Sheraton and Robert Adam all aimed at lightening the chair, which, even in the master hands of Thomas Chippendale, remained comparatively heavy. The endeavour succeeded, and the modern chair is everywhere comparatively slight.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_chair

20C British Mahogany Armchair with Cabriole legs.

Provenance: Bought from a reputable Dealer in Ireland.

Dimensions: 30″ tall, 21″ wide and 20.5″deep

Condition: Excellent with original upholstery.

Price Now: $350

Early 20C British Mahogany Armchair with cabriole legs (2)

Early 20C British Mahogany Armchair with cabriole legs

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