PRESENTING A FABULOUS AND RARE Set of 6 19C Irish Engraved Prints of Scenes of Dublin by James Malton.

Set of 6 VERY RARE AND VALUABLE engraved prints of Dublin, Ireland scenes.

These were printed by ‘Cahill Printers Ltd.’ circa 1880-1900.

‘Cahill Printers Ltd’ have been in existence since 1866 and acquired the rights to print these copies of the original watercolors by James Malton (1761 – 1803).

James Malton (1761–1803) was an Irish engraver and watercolourist, who once taught geometry and perspective and worked as a draughtsman in the office of the celebrated Irish architect James Gandon. He was the son of the architectural draughtsman Thomas Malton the elder.

James Malton is best known for Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin, a series of twenty-five engravings originally published between 1792 and 1799. Malton’s coloured prints from this work, which depict many of the new public buildings erected, capture the architectural metamorphosis Dublin underwent in the eighteenth century. His later publications include Four Views in Devon (1800), a small collection of aquatints after F. Keenan, and Essay on British Cottage Architecture (1804).


Set of 6 19C Irish Engraved Prints of Scenes of Dublin by James Malton

These scenes are: (in order):

Rotunda & New Rooms,

Great Court Yard Dublin Castle,

Government House (College Green with Trinity College),

Trinity College Library,

Charlemont House,

View from Capel Street to Essex Bridge.

These prints are very rare and really hard to find, especially ones from circa 1880!

They are in great condition, with no tears and the colors still very vibrant … so much so, that we originally thought that they hand been hand embellished/aquatinted.

In wooden gilt edged frames and under glass.

Other prints, like these, but not as old, have sold very successfully at Auction in the past few years.

Set of 6 19C Irish Engraved Prints of Scenes of Dublin by James Malton

Provenance: Bought from a reputable dealer in Dublin, Ireland.

Dimensions: Each Frame is 18 inches wide, 13 inches tall and 0.7 inches deep

Condition: Very good condition. Probably re-framed in current frames in the early/mid 20C.

SALE PRICE NOW: $4,000 (Full Set of 6)

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