19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table – EXCEPTIONAL

19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table ……………………………GORGEOUS  Gate Table.

19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table

Late 19th Century French drop leaf table……………..Louis Philippe period.

Made of gorgeous yellowish-brown walnut with a FANTASTIC burl walnut table top…….the top is SIMPLY GLORIOUS !!


The table was made circa 1850......during the reign of Louis Philippe.


Louis Philippe I (6 October 1773 – 26 August 1850) was King of the French from 1830 to 1848 as the leader of the Orléanist party. His father Philippe Egalité had supported the Revolution of 1789 but was nevertheless guillotined during the Reign of Terror. Louis Philippe fled France and spent 21 years in exile. He was proclaimed king in 1830 after Charles X, of the senior Bourbon line, was forced to abdicate. His reign, known as the July Monarchy, was dominated by wealthy elite and numerous former Napoleonic officials. He followed conservative policies especially under the influence of François Guizot in 1840–48. He promoted friendship with Britain and sponsored colonial expansion, notably the conquest of Algeria. His popularity faded and he was forced to abdicate in 1848; he lived out his life in exile in Great Britain.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Philippe_I


it sits on beautifully turned fluted legs with the porcelain and brass casters.

Two of the legs swing inwards and outwards to extend the 2 leaves of the table.

Fully extended the table has a FABULOUS curved and indented edge.....in an oval shape on both ends.

The center column is beautifully turned and fluted.

The 2 side columns are again beautifully turned and fluted and end with 2 extending scrolling supports that end in turned bulbous twin feet.


19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table.

Provenance: Bought from a reputable dealer in Ireland.

Dimensions: 25.5" High,  36" Wide and 44" long (fully extended)

25.5" high, 36" wide and  7.5"  long (leaves down)

Condition: Excellent. The table top does not have a high gloss finish. It has a matte finish which is waxed. This only accentuates the tacile nature of the top. Otherwise in great condition.

Price: $6,200.00


19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table

19C French Burl Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Table