PRESENTING a BEAUTIFUL and mint, Mid Century Lalique Bagatelle Vase with original box.

Made by the famous ‘Lalique’ factory in France circa 1980.

Original Box has the retailers label for ‘Armando Poggi’ of ‘Via Calzaiuoli, Firenze, Italy’.

Bagatelle vase is an emblematic Lalique piece and best seller. From a naturalist inspiration, it was drawn for the first time in 1939. This vase became a classic of the collection combining fauna and flora themes. This vase takes us to a dreamlike state of nature, answering a need for authenticity and wellbeing.

In ‘mint’ condition with no chips or cracks.

It still retains it’s original “Lalique Paris’ plastic label on the base and has the proper etched ‘Lalique France F664’ signature on the base.

Provenance: From a Fine Mississippi Estate and acquired by the owners while visiting Italy in the 80’s, from the Poggi store in Florence.

Armando Poggi were established in 1936 and are one of the finest retailers in Florence, Italy of high quality household items. They still operate at the same address to this day.

Lalique is a French glassmaker, founded by renowned glassmaker and jeweler René Lalique in 1888. Lalique is best known for producing glass art, including perfume bottlesvases, and hood ornaments during the early twentieth century. Following the death of René, Lalique transitioned to producing lead glass (crystal) works during the 1950s while under the direction of René’s son, Marc Lalique. Since 2010, Lalique has been owned by Swiss company Art and Fragrance.

René Lalique (1860–1945) began his career as a jewelery apprentice at the age of 16, and by 1881 he was a freelance designer for many of the best-known Parisian jewelers. In 1885, he opened his own workshop on Place Gaillon in Paris, the former workshop of Jules Destape. In 1887, Lalique opened a business on Rue du Quatre-Septembre, and registered the “RL” mark the following year. In 1890, he opened a shop in the Opera District of Paris. Within a decade, Lalique was amongst the best-known Parisian jewelers.

In 1905, Lalique opened a new shop at Place Vendôme which exhibited not only jewellery, but glass works as well. It was close to the shop of renowned perfumer François Coty; in 1907, Lalique began producing ornate perfume bottles for Coty. The production of glass objects began at his country villa in 1902, and continued there until at least 1912. The first Lalique glassworks opened in 1909 in a rented facility in Combs-la-Ville, which Lalique later purchased in 1913. In December 1912, Lalique hosted an exhibition of Lalique Glass—as his glass would come to be known—at the Place Vendôme shop. During the First World War, the glassworks produced mundane items in support of the war effort. In 1919, work began on a new production facility in Wingen-sur-Moder, which opened in 1921. From 1925 to 1931, Lalique produced 29 models of hood ornaments; a mermaid statuette first produced in 1920 was also later sold as a hood ornament. During the 1920s and 1930s, Lalique was amongst the world’s most renowned glassmakers.

René Lalique died in 1945. His son Marc Lalique took over the business, operating initially as “M.Lalique” and later as “Cristal Lalique”. Under Marc’s leadership, the company transitioned from producing its famous Lalique Glass to producing lead glass, commonly known as crystal. Marie-Claude Lalique took control of the company following Marc’s death in 1977. It was sold to Pochet in 1994 and to a partnership of Art & Fragrance and the holding company Financière Saint-Germain in 2008. Since 2010, Cristal Lalique has been wholly owned by Art & Fragrance.. Art & Fragrance is ultimately owned by Silvio Benz, an entrepreneur and Swiss national.


Mid Century Lalique Bagatelle Vase

Provenance: See above

Dimensions: 6.69 inches tall with a 5 inch diameter

Condition: Vase is mint. Original Poggi Box.


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