Lladro Figurine of Girl with Calla Lilies – RETIRED

Lladro Figurine of Girl with Calla Lilies.

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Lladro Figurine of Girl with Calla Lilies


Cute little Lladro Figurine of Girl with Calla Lilies…………or “Nino Con Calas” in Espanyol.

Fully marked……..model 4650…….discontinued model…..making it more collectible !!

Sculpted by Vincente Martinez and produced from 1969 to 1998.

Slight damage….one lily missing….not even noticeable……………..priced accordingly for such a rare and discontinued model.

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LLADRO PORCELAIN: Lladr贸 (Valencian pronunciation: [蕩a藞冒删o]) is a Spanish company based in Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, that produces porcelain figurines.
The company was founded in 1953 by three brothers, Juan, Jos茅 and Vicente Lladr贸, in the village of Alm脿ssera near Valencia. Starting with items such as vases and jugs, it wasn’t until 1956 that they started producing the sculptures for which they are now most famous. Enthusiasm for the items produced by the Lladr贸 brothers say their small workshop expand several times until eventually they moved to Tavernes Blanques in 1958.

1962, the brothers open the Professional Training School at their site in Tavernes Blanques to share their knowledge and experience.
1969, on 13 October the City of Porcelain was opened by the Spanish Minister for Industry. It took 2 years to build, and currently over 2,000 people work there.
1970, Lladr贸 begins to use a new material, gres, for its sculptures. It has earthy colours and is used frequently in natural themes.
1973, Lladr贸 buys 50% of the North American company Weil Ceramics & Glass.
1974, the first blue emblem, consisting of a bellflower and ancient chemical symbol, appears on the base to show the origin of the sculpture. The Elite Collection is also launched.
1984, Rosa, Mari Carmen and Juan Vicente Lladr贸 joined the company. One child of each of the founding members. They underwent a long apprenticeship before they were permitted responsibility in the company.
1985, the Collector’s Society is formed. The first annual sculpture, called “Little Pals”, can fetch several thousand US dollars at auction due to the small number of members able to purchase it in the early years.
1986, Lladr贸 forms an alliance with the Mitsui Group creating a subsidiary called Bussan Lladr贸 based in Tokyo
1988, on September 18 in New York the Lladr贸 Museum and Gallery is opened on 57th Street in Manhattan.
1993, Lladr贸 receives the Principe Felipe award for internationalisation.
2001, Lladr贸 Privilege, a new customer loyalty programme, takes over from the Lladr贸 Collectors Society.
2004, Lladr贸 Privilege Gold, a new level of loyalty programme within the Privilege programme.
2011, Lladr贸 Privilege Society changes into Lladro Gold, Privilege name is dropped and only one level of membership is offered.
2013, Lladr贸 Expands into the lighting market with Belle De Nuit, a collection of chandeliers, lamps and sconces.
2013, Lladro Releases the first piece in their new Dazzle collection which uses a geometric black and white design.

The manufacturing ingredients are kept under tight guard. The process is detailed in a number of Lladr贸 publications and is on view for tours at the City of Porcelain. Lladr贸 figurines are made of hard-paste porcelain.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lladr%C3%B3

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Lladro Figurine of Girl with Cala Lilies.

Provenance: Bought in Europe.

Dimensions: 9.5″ High

Condition: very minor damage (see above)

Price: $135.00. Sale Price Now: $52.99



Lladro Spanish Porcelain Figure Girl with Lillies

Lladro Girl with Flowers (2)

Lladro Girl with Flowers (3)

Lladro Girl with Flowers

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