PRESENTING a LOVELY Early 20C Mounted Duck Decoy Heads 2.

This consists of 5 Duck Decoy heads from circa 1920 mounted on a wooden plinth.

This piece came from a wealthy estate in Dallas, TX with the mansion being built by a stockbroker in 1929. He was an avid ‘duck hunter’. His parents originated in Virginia and Kentucky and they may have brought them to Texas.

The Duck Heads are of different breeds of ducks and each has it’s original glass eyes.

The antique Duck Heads are each quite valuable and collectible, so to get 5 together is a real BONUS!

They can be wall mounted as decor, they can be wall mounted and used as a coat rack or they can be placed on a desk as an accessory.

We have a pair of these (hence the description as 1 and 2). Both are being sold individually BUT we will happily sell them to you as a pair, provided, one has not already been ‘snapped up’!


duck decoy (or decoy duck) is a man-made object resembling a real duck. Duck decoys are sometimes used in waterfowl hunting to attract real ducks.

Duck decoys were historically carved from wood, often Atlantic white cedar wood on the east coast of the US from Maine to South Carolina,[1] or cork. Modern ones may also be made of canvas and plastic. They are usually painted, often elaborately and very accurately, to resemble various kinds of waterfowl.

Decoy ducks have been used in traditional hunting by Indigenous Australian peoples of the Murray River in South Australia.[2]

The current world record price for an antique duck decoy at auction is a red-breasted merganser hen by Lothrop Holmes for $856,000. Guyette & Deeter[3] and Christie’s New York. January 2007.[4]

The first million dollar price was achieved when two decoys (Canada goose and a preening pintail drake) by A. Elmer Crowell of East Harwich, MA were said to have sold for US$1.13 million each in a private sale, in September 2007. The record-setting decoys were sold in a larger collection of 31 decoys for $7.5 million in total so it remains for a single decoy to clearly break the $1 million mark.


Early 20C Mounted Duck Decoy Heads 2.

Provenance: From a Wealthy Dallas Estate.

Condition: Good original condition. Re-mounted.

Dimensions: On Plinth: 4″ Tall, 23″ wide and 6″ deep


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