PRESENTING A STUNNING AND VERY HIGH QUALITY 19C English Chinese Chippendale Mahogany Buffet or Sideboard.

Probably English, unmarked, but undoubtedly by one of the top makers, due to it’s quality!

Circa 1850-70.

Made of the best Cuban flamed mahogany. The patina to the piece, with it’s natural softening with the passing of time, coupled with the replacement Early 20C ‘Legge’ locks to the drawers ALL tells us that this not an early 20C reproduction (when a lot of these types of pieces were made), but most likely a mid to late 19th Century piece. The secondary woods also appear to be mahogany, which is usually an indication that this is not a ‘period’ Georgian piece.

The Top of the piece has a pelmet to the rear of the buffet stand section, with a crown rosette/scallop molding in the center, to replicate the molding on the front central base/kneehole section. This molding on the pelmet, appears to be a resin cast of the other mahogany one on the front, which is original to the piece. Despite being a replacement, this ‘crown’ really balances the piece. The crown is flanked by two fluted acorn finials which again, appear to be a resin casts of the top drawer door pulls/knobs on the front, which are original to the piece. Despite being replacements, like the crown, they also really balance the piece.

The buffet stand is flanked by 2 raised platforms.

Each platform has a lid which tilts upwards and are kept open by wooden levers. They opens to reveal a storage area. The edges of each platform are beautifully carved with indented edges. the body of the pillar is curved downwards and has two carved acanthus leaves on the front of each.

The Buffet then moves downwards to a mid section that has beautiful hand carved friezes and Chinese Chippendale fret work around the drawer section, front and both sides.

The mid section has 4 drawers in total. One on each pillar and 2 central drawers.

Both sides are in pillar form with drawers and a cabinet or press.

One pillar contains a sliding wine rack/cellarette section, with a re-moveable sliding drawer and the other side has a cutlery drawer with a re-moveable sliding drawer.

The Central Section has a gorgeous original carved frieze, with what appears to be a rosette or scallop shaped central medallion as its central motif. 

The doors on the front pillars have STUNNING ‘Rococo’ style moldings/trim, acanthus or vine leaves with curved sections and drop moldings.

The entire piece sits on gorgeously carved fluted and carved platform feet.

The drawers all have their ORIGINAL knobs and handles. The 2 central bottom drawer handles have been re-gilded, as have the pillar door escutcheons.

The piece has all working locks and working keys. But we are of the opinion that these drawer locks were added later, replacing the originals which probably lost their keys. The drawer locks are by “LEGGE’ and are marked ‘Made in England’ but they are not flush to the back of the drawer front, which indicates that they are most likely replacements.

The locks to the pillar doors are original and are unmarked.

Chippendale, various styles of furniture fashionable in the third quarter of the 18th century and named after the English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale. The first style of furniture in England named after a cabinetmaker rather than a monarch, it became the most famous name in the history of English furniture at a time when such craftsmanship was at its zenith.



19C English Chinese Chippendale Mahogany Buffet or Sideboard.

Condition: Some minor repairs, but nothing to seriously devalue the piece. The moldings on the back pelmet are replacements. The top of the side pillar lids have been re-finished and some of the ‘Chinese Chippendale fretwork pieces of molding are replacements.

Provenance: Bought in Ireland from a Country House or Manor.

Dimensions: 72 inches Wide, 49 inches High and 25 inches Deep.


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