Der Zerbrochene Krug by Zschokke.

PRESENTING A RARE FIRST EDITION hardback copy of Der Zerbrochene Krug by Heinrich Zschokke with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by Herbert Charles Sanborn, A.M., Bancroft School, Worcester, MASS…………..part of the International Modern Language Series published by Ginn & Company in 1904 

This RARE book has some condition issues (reflected in the price)….. some wear and discoloration to the red cloth cover, slight loss of gilding and some staining a foxing to the edges of some pages but still perfectly legible and  ‘all in all’ in reasonable condition for it’s age. All pages appear to be intact.

This is a RARE Edition!!

Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke (22 March 1771 – 27 June 1848) was a German, later Swiss, author and reformer. Most of his life was spent, and most of his reputation earned, in Switzerland. He had an extensive civil service career, and wrote histories, fiction and other works which were widely known.

While Zschokke appeared as one of the most distinguished and energetic public men in Switzerland, he still found time to cultivate his favorite literary pursuits, and it is chiefly by his numerous writings, historical and fictitious, that he became known to the world at large.[3] In 1801, he attracted attention by his Geschichte vom Kampfe und Untergange der schweizerischen Berg- und Wald-Kantone. Through his popular Schweizerbote (Swiss Messenger),[3] the publication of which began in 1804, he exercised a wholesome influence on public affairs; and the like may be said of his Miscellen für die neueste Weltkunde, issued from 1807 to 1813. In 1811 he also started a monthly periodical, the Erheiterungen. In addition to his 1801 work, he wrote various other historical works, among which are Ueberlieferungen zur Geschichte unserer Zeit (Contributions to the History of Our Time, 1811–27) and Des Schweizerlandes Geschichte für das Schweizervolk(History of Switzerland for the Swiss People, 1822, 8th ed. 1849).[2]

Zschokke’s tales, on which his literary reputation rests, are collected in several series, Bilder aus der Schweiz (Pictures from Switzerland, 5 vols., 1824–25), Ausgewählte Novellen und Dichtungen (16 vols., 1838–39). The best known are: Addrich im Moos (1794), Der Freihof von Aarau (1794), Alamontade (1802), Jonathan FrockClementineDer Creole (1830), Das Goldmacherdorf (The Goldmakers’ Village, 1817), and Meister Jordan (1845).[2]

In Stunden der Andacht (Hours of Devotion, 1809–1816; 27 editions in Zschokke’s lifetime), which was widely read, he expounded in a rationalistic spirit the fundamental principles of religion and morality. Eine Selbstschau (1842) is a kind of autobiography.[2]

According to the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, “Zschokke was not a great original writer, but he secured an eminent place in the literature of his time by his enthusiasm for modern ideas in politics and religion, by the sound, practical judgment displayed in his works, and by the energy and lucidity of his style.”[2]

An edition of Zschokke’s selected works, in forty volumes, was issued in 1824–28. In 1851–54 an edition in thirty-five volumes was published. A new edition of the Novellen was published by A. Vögtlin in twelve volumes (1904).


Der Zerbrochene Krug by Zschokke.

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Der Zerbrochene Krug by Zschokke

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