PRESENTING A STUNNING, HIGH QUALITY and UNIQUE Early 20th Century (Art Nouveau/Deco Era) Pierced Bronze Globe 6 Branch Chandelier with matching Set of 6 3 Branch Pierced Bronze Wall Lights or Sconces ….. from circa 1920-25.

7 Original Matching Pieces!

The Chandelier consists of 6 Arms/Branches with a large finial to the base, a central pierced Globe with stunning fretwork and a solid graduated top section. All ORIGINAL fittings.

The Set of 6 matching Wall Lights or Sconces, each have 3 arms attached to a pierced bronze medallion (matching the pierced Globe on the Chandelier). All with original fittings.

VERY Elegant and stylish pieces. These would have been very high-end items, when made and because we can find nothing else like them that have appeared on the market, we believe that they were custom made on commission. Made of antique brass/bronze.

They were located in a Mansion in Highland Park, Dallas, Texas that was built in 1929.

Classic Art Nouveau style and design!


Art Nouveau (/ˌɑːrt nuːˈvoʊ, ˌɑːr/French: [aʁ nuvo]) is an international style of art, architecture, and applied art, especially the decorative arts. The style is known by different names in different languages: Jugendstil in German, Stile Liberty in Italian, Modernisme in Catalan, and also known as the Modern Style in English. It was popular between 1890 and 1910 during the Belle Époque period,[1] and was a reaction against the academic arteclecticism and historicism of 19th century architecture and decoration. It was often inspired by natural forms such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers.[2] Other characteristics of Art Nouveau were a sense of dynamism and movement, often given by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of modern materials, particularly iron, glass, ceramics and later concrete, to create unusual forms and larger open spaces.


Art Nouveau Bronze Chandelier & Wall Light Set

Provenance: Part of a Private Dallas Collection.

Dimensions: Chandelier: 27 inches tall with a diameter of 21 inches (from end of branches). Can be made longer by use of chain.

Each Wall Light/Sconce is 12.5 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide.

Condition: Very good original condition. Original wiring and sockets, that still work perfectly. One repair to one arm of the chandelier (but not clearly visible) and some very minor repairs to arm of the wall lights that are not visible. All in perfect working condition. Some oxidization through age on some of the wall lights, but not significant.

Note: We are only selling these as a Set. We will NOT be splitting up the Set, as they really NEED to stay together.

SALE PRICE NOW: $5,800 (Full Set)

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