Vintage German Porcelain Royal Tettau Complete Coffee Service – RARE

Vintage German Porcelain Royal Tettau Complete Coffee Service.

Complete porcelain/china Coffee Set……Coffee Pot, Creamer, Sugar Bowl and 5 cups and saucers.

German…… Royal Tettau 1794……fully marked…….”Royal Tettau”….”Germany”……”US Zone”.

Marked for 1946 to 1949.

Green exterior with white interior. The exterior is hand-gilded and each piece has a hand-painted floral display as the central motif.



History of Royal Bayreuth China. Royal Bayreuth china has been produced in the same factory in Tettau, Bavaria since 1794. It is the finest and oldest German porcelain producer, and it is highly collectible today. Along with the usual dinnerware and coffee and tea sets, Royal Bayreuth is known for its figurals, scenic porcelain and novelties.

The Royal Bayreuth Company was awarded a permit in 1792 by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm II and commenced operation in Tettau in 1794. It is located in the Thuringian Hills, nearby what was once the East German border. It has produced quality porcelain through world wars and disasters, and continues today.

Bavaria is a mountainous region that shares borders with Austria, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland. Munich is the largest city in Bavaria. The kaolin or pure white clay used in the manufacture of porcelain was largely imported from the Czechoslovakian province of Bohemia, not far from Bavaria. After World War II this area became the U.S. Zone, and later West Germany.

Royal Bayreuth has many different identifying marks, but they usually include the coat of arms of Bavaria, two lions rampant and shield, and often the letter T for Tettau. If the item was made for export to the U.S., it included the words Royal Bayreuth. If it was not intended for export, the mark read Porcelain Factory, Tettau. After World War II, the mark included the words U.S. Zone, which appeared on the porcelain through the late 50s.


Vintage German Porcelain Royal Tettau Complete Coffee Service.


Cups: 2.38″ Tall and 2.5″ diameter

Saucers: 4.75″ in diameter

Creamer: 3.6″ tall and 2.6″ diameter

Sugar Bowl: 5.25″ Wide and 5″ Tall, 3.75″ Diameter

Coffee Pot: 9″ Tall, 7.8″ wide and 4.5″ diameter

Condition: Mint

Price Now: $320  (Set)

German Porcelain - Royal Tettau Coffee Service

German Porcelain - Royal Tettau Coffee Pot

German Porcelain - Royal Tettau Creamer

German Porcelain - Royal Tettau Sugar Bowl

German Porcelain - Royal Tettau -Cup & Saucer (x5)

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