Vintage 1980s White Tow Truck

Vintage 1980s White Tow Truck.

Presenting a very RARE Vintage 1980s White Tow Truck.

Die cast metal..Made in China…possibly by Zee Toys.

Vintage 1980s White Tow Truck.

ZEE Toys of Hong Kong produced the line, and the US distribution was picked up by Intex in 1981. Intex would remain the US distributor until 1992, when ZEE would assume direct US distribution. The toys themselves were manufactured in Hong Kong. Although generally released as Dyna-Flites, their branding was changed to suit some international markets. Modern Toys of Japan distributed them as “Hot Wings”; “Superwings” in the United Kingdom and in Australia;[1] “Vento Caldo” in Italy and “Hot Wings” elsewhere. These early “Hot Wings” issues must not be confused with the current “Hot Wings” line from another vendor although it does include some ZEE moulds. The Dyna-Flite line consisted of a variety of subjects, including many WWII airplanes (including a “WWII Historical Series” in 1996 with new colors), modern jets both from the US, Europe and the Soviet Union, a biplane and a number of helicopters.

The quality of the toys was variable, although the moulds were generally of better quality than required for a small diecast toy. Most models featured raised rivets or moulded-in lines and relatively robust ‘dumbbell-type’ metal wheels. Unfortunately, the rotors and clear parts of earlier helicopters (especially the Bell 47) were made from very brittle plastic that broke easily during play. Zee took action to fix this with later releases (e.g. the Kaman Seasprite) by changing the rotors to flexible vinyl.


Our entire Collection of Vintage Toy Cars, Trains, Model Buildings and everything for the train enthusiast, railfan or ferroequinologist was acquired by us from the Estate of a Private Collector in Texas, who amassed his enormous collection over the 1970’s and 1980’s. He had dedicated an entire room of his house to his train collection. He had assembled and built an entire ‘City’ to accompany his collection. He died in 1994 and his collection remained ‘untouched’ until we acquired it in its entirety. Once cleaned, the collection was in MINT condition.

NOTE: We have not tested any of the trains and cannot vouch or warrant for their working condition. We were informed by the personal representative in the Estate that everything was working perfectly up to the death of the owner, and as previously indicated have remained ‘untouched’ since then.

Vintage 1980s White Tow Truck.

Provenance: From a Private Collector.


 ” long,   ” tall and   ” wide

Condition: Near Mint.

Price Now: $12.99

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