Seymour Mann Blue China Porcelain Centerpiece

PRESENTING a LOVELY piece of Chinese Export porcelain, namely, a Seymour Mann Blue China Porcelain Centerpiece.

Late 20th Century circa 1980.

Made in China exclusively for Seymour Mann Inc.

Fully marked and labelled.

What makes this one more special is it’s size and function. Designed to act as a centerpiece for a table and a fabulous addition to any blue and white collection.

Floral decoration in the center. Fretwork edging throughout. One solid piece.

Seymour Mann Inc. was an importer of porcelain products including home accents, dolls and other collectibles which he sold through major department stores.

In 1946 the company started out as Lipper & Mann and was located at 225 Fifth Avenue, New York. They specialized in European imports of ceramics and fine glass.

In 1949 the company started importing earthenware and porcelain products from Japan. 

In 1963 Mann sold his interest in the company to Hal Lipper who continued on as Lipper International Inc.

In the 1970’s Mann’s imports included some pot de creme sets.  The one shown above was his strawberry pattern released in 1974.  There was also a popular lily pattern (shown on the right) which was also manufactured in 1974. 

Later, in the 1980s, Seymour Mann Imports added the Connoisseur Doll Collection, part of which included many designs by his wife, Eda.  The doll production became some of the most sought after collectibles in the Seymour product line.  Mr. Seymour passed away on February 12, 2004. Mann’s son-in-law, Gideon S Oberweger worked as CEO of Seymour Mann up until his death in December of 2006.


Seymour Mann Blue China Porcelain Centerpiece.

Provenance: From a Dallas Estate.

Dimensions: 8.25″ Tall with a Diameter of 12″

Condition: Mint.


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