Set of 3 James Michalopoulos Oil on Canvas Panels

PRESENTING a SIMPLY OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL WORK OF CONTEMPORARY ART, namely, a Set of 3 James Michalopoulos Oil on Canvas Panels.

Whilst these are unsigned, they are without question and based upon the Provenance provided, original and unique paintings by the World Renowned New Orleans artist, James Michalopoulos.

SPECIFIC PROVENANCE: These panels were painted by Michalopoulos for a good friend of his Naomi Baggett in or around 1990 – 1999. Originally from North Carolina, an Air Force Veteran and JAG Advocate, Ms. Baggett after her service moved to New Orleans and worked as a paralegal until setting up and operating an Art & Curiosities Store in the famous New Orleans Hotel Montleone between 1990 and 1995. Her store was called ‘Baggetelle’. It was featured in various industry magazines and hotel documentation. The store specialized in selling miniature French Quarter Houses which were used as jewelry boxes. Ms. Baggett was an artist herself and hand made and hand painted these houses along with a partner. She received orders for these miniature houses from none other than Gump’s of San Francisco. Arising from these successes she went into business with Davis & York and regularly attended Trade Shows where she exhibited her miniature houses (see photos). Between 1990 and 1995 she befriended a rising and increasingly popular local artist named, James Michalopoulos and he painted this set of 3 panels for her and they were connected by hinges to make a screen, which she used as a back-drop to her trade show boothes, as it fit perfectly with her themed houses. Michalopoulos subsequently became famous with his artwork and in particular his depictions of French Quarter Houses.

In the late 1990’s, Ms. Baggett moved to Dallas, Texas where she returned to her paralegal work. She retained the screen/panels until she unfortunately passed away in late 2019 after a long illness. These panels have remained in her and her partner’s possession since painted.

Based on this impeccable provenance we are 100% satisfied that these are genuine and original Michalopoulos works of art and due to their history, size, subject matter and quality are HIGHLY, HIGHLY DESIRABLE WORKS OF ART !!

James Michalopoulos (born 1951) is an American painter and sculptor. He is best known for his colorful interpretations of New Orleans. He has painted the landscape surrounding his home in Burgundy, France; cityscapes and street life in San Francisco and Boston; and anthropomorphically rendered animals.

James Michalopoulos, born James Mitchell, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1951.[1][3] His father Demetrius Anastasiou Michalopoulos, a Greek immigrant, was an architect who helped shape the Pittsburgh downtown. He is also the nephew of Abstract Expressionism painter William Baziotes, whose works filled his home. He attended and graduated from Bowdoin College. After graduating, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. He lives and works primarily in New Orleans. He also has a home in Burgundy, France.

Michalopoulos took art classes at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and the University of New Orleans. He worked in Jackson Square as a street artist, drawing sketches of people in the square and drawing portraits of people for $2–3 each. Becoming tired of drawing portraits, he started traveling around the city with a portable easel, painting the buildings and architecture of New Orleans. He began selling his work in the French Quarter.[3]The architecture of New Orleans serves as an inspiration in James Michalopoulos’ work

He has served as the official artist of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival six times, the most of any artist. Michalopoulos’ collectible festival posters have featured Dr. JohnLouis ArmstrongMahalia JacksonFats DominoAllen Toussaint, and Aaron Neville.[2][3]

Mchalopoulos started working in sculpture in the 2000s, working first in wood and later in steel.[3] His abstract work, Mother Cluster, from 2012, is exhibited on Veterans Memorial Boulevard, in Metairie, Louisiana. Mother Cluster consists of three pieces of different sizes, up to 40 feet tall, and was funded by art collectors Henry and Pat Shane. The sculpture’s estimated worth is $425,000.[4]

Michalopoulos’ work is in the collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

It has been said that “there is perhaps no living artist more deeply tied in the mind of the public to the visual landscape of New Orleans than Michalopoulos.”[5] His oil paintings are colorful and feature “exaggerated viewpoints and skewed perspectives.”[citation needed] He uses palette knives in his work, which helps provide intense color and texture.[1] The subjects of his sculptures range from fish and fire hydrants to immense gestural studies of color and form in metal. Michalopoulos can complete an oil painting within two to three days. He leaves “completed” paintings in his studio for weeks and continues to add to paintings as he feels is necessary. Works are then sent to art galleries. At gallery openings, he has brought his palette to touch up paintings on the spot. When painting singer Aaron Neville, he used photographs of the singer to create the portrait painting titled Heart Song.[2][6] The painting was inspired by Neville’s cover of Leonard Cohen‘s “Bird on the Wire.”



Set of 3 James Michalopoulos Oil on Canvas Panels.

Provenance: See Above.

Dimensions: Each Panel is 72 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Together the work of art is 72 x 90.

Condition: One professional repair to a small 1.5 inch tear to the panel on the left.Patched on the back and not visible. Otherwise they are near mint. They have been professionally cleaned.

PRICE: $120,000

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