Pair of French Elite Limoges Art Deco Bookends

PRESENTING A GORGEOUS and RARE Pair of French Elite Limoges Art Deco Bookends.

These are a pair of beautifully whimsical bookends from the Art Deco Era. Made circa 1925.

Made of white porcelain with red/burnt orange decoration, one represents a bunny rabbit and the other a duck.

The ‘Bunny’ has red dot eyes and long ears and the ‘Duck’ has a red beak and raised tail. Each is very much in the CLASSIC Art Deco Style of form and decoration.

Both are fully and properly marked underneath or on the base with: “Limoges ELTE France …. Model Depose … A.V. …. G. Pont du Monde – ANVERS” inside a circle.

The duck is very unusual as the head is removeable from the base …. we cannot figure out why, save, it is part of whimsicality of the piece !

We ‘DARE YOU’ to find another pair !!

Bawo & Dotter was a New York company established in 1860s to import porcelain mainly from Limoges. In 1870s they established in Limoges a porcelain decorating manufactory called The Elite Works.

In 1896 the manufacture began producing own porcelain. Production lasted till 1914 when World War I began and was resumed after the war ended.

Next significant changes came in 1924. Bawo and Dotter took over the William Guerin’s company and merged it with the previously acquired by W. Guerin factory Pouyat Porcelaines in one company: Guérin-Pouyat-Elite Limited. The firm continued production till 1932.

Pair of French Elite Limoges Art Deco Bookends.

Provenance: From a Wealthy Dallas Estate.

Condition: Mint.

Dimensions: Each is 6.25″ Tall, 6.2″ Wide and 3″ Deep

PRICE NOW: $1,200 (Pair)

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