Pair of Fred Sabater Oils on Canvas

Pair of Fred Sabater Oils on Canvas.

PRESENTING a GORGEOUS Pair of mid-century ORIGINAL oils on canvas by the FILIPINO MASTER … Alfredo ‘Fred’ Sabater. A matching pair but not identical, these pair of paintings were painted by Fred Sabater as a pair and were always intend to be displayed as a pair.

Fully and properly signed from 1978. The lake scene signed ‘Fred Sabater ’78’ on the top right and the tree scene signed ‘Fred Sabater ’78’ on the bottom right.

These two stunning pieces of RARE and HIGH SOUGHT AFTER works of art by a renowned and listed artist are simply GORGEOUS in their style and hand.
The lake scene has a deep orange skyline reflected in the water with stunning silhouette work on the trees, shoreline, water plants and bird. The execution and contrast of the gorgeous blue, purple, green and white tones beautifully elevate this sunset scene into something truly dramatic. It is as if Sabater painted this scene using his car headlights!

The second painting, likewise has a deep orange sunset skyline and has a very unusual ‘optical illusion’ effect. The branch of the autumnal tree protrudes from the right hand side of the painting with several birds flying away as you look. Except, the birds are in front of the branch and not behind it as one would expect giving the optical effect that the branch is simply enormous. Also it looks like a full tree, but sideways!! It definitely makes you look twice to appreciate what is confusing your vision on first viewing. Clever!!!

Born in the 1920’s, international artist Alfredo Tan Sabater Jr. (Fred Sabater) truly possesses the soul of an artist by capturing the emotions of life on canvas. He started painting at the age of 7 but really didn’t work seriously until his teenage life. During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, Fred served in the army resulting in a heightened idealistic respect for life that has fervently influenced his style. Influenced also by his former mentor, the late Fernando Amorsolo under which he apprenticed, are very much evident in his works. Recognized as one of the first Filipino abstractionists of his time and a magnificent portrait artist, an abstraction in oil (4’x6’) titled “The Genesis of the Philippine Revolution” sold for $75,000, which is in the Consulate Gen. Office in L.A., CA.. Some of his works include “Dragon Child” 30×40 $32,000, “The Warrior” 31×52 $26,000, “Tineka Shallon…the Feeding” 24×36 $18,000, and many others. His exhibitions have spanned worldwide. Some of the proud owners of Fred Sabater’s works include Mrs. Imelda Marcos, President and First lady Fidel Ramos, Rear Adm. Herman Kossler, NFL player Stanley Richards, and Magic Johnson purchased one of Sabater’s paintings for reportedly, $2,000,000.00.”est (various figures have been rumoured as to exactly what Magic paid for this painting. Some say $50,000 and some sources say $200,000).

These paintings were purchased by a private collector whilst on a business trip to Florida in the 1970’s. On that trip the collector met Sabater and bought a number of his paintings directly from him. This pair were part of that collection. They were inherited by the daughter of that collector (who as a young child travelled with her father on that business trip and remembers her father buying these paintings from a very friendly, gentle and kind oriental man with a beard). They have remained in her ownership ever since. The other paintings are still retained by the family. These paintings were appraised about 15 years ago for around $20k)

Pair of Fred Sabater Oils on Canvas.

Provenance: From a Private Dallas Collection.

Condition: Very good condition.Each is unframed.

Dimensions:  Each is 36.2″ x 36.2″ and 0.75″ deep

Price Now: $18,000 (Pair)

Pair of Fred Sabater Oils on Canvas

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