Pair of Chromed Angel Centerpieces

PRESENTING a LOVELY Pair of Chromed Angel Centerpieces.

Featuring a pair of female angels with wings and holding a bird in their right hand. Standing on ornate pedestals on 4 feet and holding aloft a centerpiece bowl/urn in their left hand. Each angel with flowing robes.

Probably mid 20th Century and English (or possibly made in India for the English market). Not marked.

They appear to be chrome finishes rather than plated silver as they do not tarnish.


centrepiece is an important item of a display, usually of a table setting.[1] Centrepieces help set the theme of the decorations and bring extra decorations to the room. A centrepiece also refers to any central or important object in a collection of items.[2]

Traditional types for the very formal dining table include the epergne, with branching arms ending in bowls, and the surtout de table, in English reserved for a long tray, often with mirrors as the surface, on which candles, sculptures and other objects are placed.

Purpose: On the table, a centerpiece is a central object which serves a decorative purpose.[2] However, centerpieces are often not too large, to avoid difficulty with visibility around the table and to allow for the easier serving of dishes.

Other centrepieces are often made from flowers, candles, fruit, or candy.[3]

Centrepieces are a major part of the decoration for a wedding reception, being used widely at wedding receptions with flowers being the most popular form of centrepieces. Weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, anniversary parties and birthdays often have some form of centrepiece.

Formal functions in Europe can sometimes have very elaborate centrepieces, which can span the entire length of the table.

At holiday times, including Valentine’s DayEasterHalloweenThanksgiving, and Christmas, homes are often decorated with holiday centerpieces.


Pair of Chromed Angel Centerpieces.

Provenance: From a Wealthy Dallas Estate.

Condition: Good original condition.

Dimensions: 26.2″ Tall, 10″ Diameter at top and 7″ x 7″ square base (Each).

PRICE Now: $1,200 (Pair)

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