PRESENTING a GORGEOUS Large Persian Tabriz Area Rug of Cobalt Blue and White.

STUNNING and EXCELLENT condition, large Persian Tabriz area rug.

Beautiful floral patterns in cobalt blue, sky blue, white and cream. Hints of maroon/burgundy elements.

The central portion is a GORGEOUS deep cobalt blue.

Signed on top margin (see pics).

Made in Persia circa 1960-80.

Fabulous piece suitable for any large room, especially if you have blue & white!

TABRIZ RUGS: “A Tabriz rug/carpet is a type in the general category of Azerbaijan carpets / Iranian carpets from the city of Tabriz, the capital city of East Azarbaijan Province in north west of Iran totally populated by Azerbaijanis. It is one of the oldest rug weaving centers and makes a huge diversity of types of carpets. The range starts at Bazaar quality of 24 raj (Number of knots per length of 7 cm of the widths of the rug) and on up to the incredibly fine 110 raj. Raj are the units of knot density (it shows the fitness of the rug which based on the number of strings used for the foundation of the rug. Strings materials are usually made of cotton or silk which is used for very fine rugs).

Tabriz has one of the most diverse displays of designs from medallion, Herati/Mahi, to figural, pictorial, and even 3-d shaped rugs.

The major producers in Tabriz today include: Alabaf of Tabriz, Galibafi Nassadji Tabriz, and Miri Brothers.

Tabriz has been a large and worldwide famous carpet making center in the Iran and the world. It played a significant role in development the rich traditions of the decorative and applied arts.

The art of Tabriz carpet was in its zenith in the 12th-16th centuries. About 200 Tabriz school masterpieces of the classical or “golden” period of the 14th century are characterized by a harmonic merge of the arts of miniature paintings and weaving, by a high level of craftsmanship demonstrated by artists and carpet weavers.

The Tabriz school can be divided into 2 subgroups: Tabriz and Ardabil.”


Large Persian Tabriz Area Rug of Cobalt Blue and White.

Provenance: Bought in Ireland at a Specialist Persian Rug Auction, circa 20 years ago.

Dimensions: 114 inches x 76.5 inches (9.5 feet x 6.4 feet)

Condition: Near Mint.


Large Persian Tabriz Area Rug - Blue & White (3)

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