English Oak Renaissance Revival Cabinet

PRESENTING a REALLY NICE example of an Early 20th Century English Oak Renaissance Revival Cabinet, all hand-carved.

Probably made circa 1900 of English Oak.

Hand-carved fan effect under the top shelf.

Hand carved acanthus baluster pillars flanking a shelf and single carved door to the top.

2 Central drawers with hand-carved flowing floral effect and turned wooden knobs.

2 Doors to the base (again with turned wooden knobs) which open to reveal 2 internal shelves.

It sits on 4 plain feet.

A BEAUTIFUL example of English hand carving in the Renaissance Style.


Renaissance Revival architecture (sometimes referred to as “Neo-Renaissance“) is a group of 19th century architectural revival styles which were neither Grecian (see Greek Revival) nor Gothic (see Gothic Revival) but which instead drew inspiration from a wide range of classicizing Italian modes. Under the broad designation “Renaissance architecture” nineteenth-century architects and critics went beyond the architectural style which began in Florence and central Italy in the early 15th century as an expression of Humanism; they also included styles we would identify as Mannerist or Baroque. Self-applied style designations were rife in the mid- and later nineteenth century: “Neo-Renaissance” might be applied by contemporaries to structures that others called “Italianate“, or when many French Baroque features are present (Second Empire).

The divergent forms of Renaissance architecture in different parts of Europe, particularly in France and Italy, has added to the difficulty of defining and recognizing Neo-Renaissance architecture. A comparison between the breadth of its source material, such as the English Wollaton Hall,[1]Italian Palazzo Pitti, the French Château de Chambord, and the Russian Palace of Facets—all deemed “Renaissance“—illustrates the variety of appearances the same architectural label can take.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance_Revival_architecture

English Oak Renaissance Revival Cabinet.

Provenance: Bought in England.

Condition: Good original condition.

Dimensions: 53″ Tall, 49″ Wide and 16.5″ Deep.

PRICE Now: $1,400

English Oak Renaissance Revival Cabinet

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