PRESENTING A BEAUTIFUL little Early 19C Dutch Oil on Board of Ronde Lutherse Kerk in Amsterdam by artist unknown.

From circa 1800 as noted on the back, this original painting is signed on the bottom right corner but we cannot make out the signature.

It is an oil on canvas or paper mounted onto board.

It features a cityscape scene of the famous Lutheran Round Church in the Singel Area of Amsterdam.

The dome, shape and spire of the Church are easily recognizable as the Round Lutheran Church. To the right of the Church is a canal with sleuce gate, boats to the forefront and classically Amsterdam buildings surrounding. In the distance is another famous spire of the Amsterdam Cityscape.


The Ronde Lutherse Kerk or Koepelkerk (round Lutheran church; cupola church) is a former Lutheran church in Amsterdam, located at the Singel. The church can be easily seen from the Singel by its copper dome.

The church was designed by Adriaan Dortsman (ca. 1636-1682) and was opened in 1671.[1] In 1822 the church was nearly destroyed and was rebuilt in 1826.[1] The organ was built by J Batz in 1830 and it was restored in 1983 by Flentrop Orgelbouw.[1] In 1935 the Lutherans left the building and it became a concert hall. In 1975 a tunnel was built by the neighboring Sonesta Hotel, today called the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, for its own access.[2] The hotel rents the church from the Lutheran church which is still the owner today. In 1983 the church was closed for restoration, but in 1993 the dome caught fire;[1] the church was again restored.[1]

The church is not open to the public, but interested persons may request to view it at the Renaissance hotel. A security guard accompanies visitors through the tunnel to the church where the ground floor of the consistory has been converted to bathrooms and the upper floor to a meeting room. Of the main hall, the impressive columns, galleries, organ and pulpit can still be seen.


Early 19C Dutch Oil on Board of Ronde Lutherse Kerk in Amsterdam.

Provenance: From a Private Dallas Estate.

Condition: Good. Some minor blemishes through age but nothing significant.

Dimensions: In Frame it is 12.5 x 9.5 inches

PRICE NOW: $1,600