Early 18C Irish Pair of Pine Gothic Confessional Door Mirrors – Historical

Early 18C Irish Pair of Pine Gothic Confessional Door Mirrors.

Rare pair of pine Gothic Church Confessional doors from circa 1700…………….. converted into mirrors….probably in 19th Century.

Most PROBABLY Irish.

I am definitely leaning towards these being Irish……… for a number of reasons but mainly, because they were bought in Ireland and could possibly have been taken from an Irish Catholic Church during the Penal laws and the closing of Catholic Churches by Oliver Cromwell after the defeat of King James II in 1691.

The age and patina is consistent with this time period !

The reason we think these are from a confessional box is because they originally had hinges on the sides and resemble the sides of a confessional where the mirrored portion would have originally had a draw back curtain.

Gorgeous natural patina !! The Pine has aged beautifully !!


Persecution and Penal Laws in Ireland:

The Irish Confederate Wars resulted in much destruction of church property. Irish Catholics were severely persecuted under Oliver Cromwell, their situation only slightly improving under the Stuart kings. The land settlements in the aftermath of these wars, and the defeat of James II in 1691, reduced Irish Catholic freeholders to a fraction of their previous size. The introduction of the Penal Laws further proscribed the practise of Roman Catholicism, with many priests and bishops forced into hiding or exile. Not until the 1770s did the religious climate relax, somewhat.
Protestant ascendancy (1691–1801)
Main article: Ireland 1691–1801

Before the Stuart accession, Ireland was divided into thirty-four boroughs. In 1613, forty new boroughs were created, all of them dominated by Protestants. The consequence of this was the reduction of the Catholic majority in the Irish parliament to a minority. By the end of the seventeenth century all Catholics, representing some 85% of Ireland’s population then, were banned from the Irish parliament. As a result, political power rested entirely in the hands of a British settler-colonial, and more specifically Anglican, minority while the Catholic population suffered severe political and economic privations.

By the late 18th century, many of the Anglo-Irish ruling class had come to see Ireland as their native country. A Parliamentary faction led by Henry Grattan agitated for a more favourable trading relationship with England and for greater legislative independence for the Parliament of Ireland. However, reform in Ireland stalled over the more radical proposals to enfranchise Irish Catholics. This was enabled in 1793, but Catholics could not yet enter parliament or become government officials.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Roman_Catholicism_in_Ireland

Early 18C Pair of Pine Gothic Confessional Door Mirrors.

Provenance: Bought from a reputable Dealer in Ireland.

Dimensions: Each: 22.5″ x 22.25′

Condition: Very good original condition.


Pair of 19C Gothic Revival Mirrors from Church Pews

Early 18C Pair of Pine Gothic Confessional Door Mirrors

18C Oak Church Pew Mirrors (Pair)

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Early 18C Irish Pair of Pine Gothic Confessional Door Mirrors


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