Art Deco BFK Leon Delfant Deer Vase

PRESENTING A BEAUTIFUL and RARE Art Deco Ceramic Vase by Leon Delfant for Boch Freres Keramis (BFK).

This is a gorgeous piece of Art Deco ceramic by the renowned maker BFK.

It features a series of prancing deer with flowers and grasses and sunbeams. It is 2 tone in color and texture. A reddish orange central body with raised white/cream animals, foliage etc. The red portion is matte in finish and the white/cream is high gloss and raised.

Fully marked on the base “BFK …. D2339 …. 991” and the initials “L.D.” for Leon Delfant.

Made in Belgium in the 1930’s …. CLASSIC ART DECO !!

Charles Catteau (1880-1966)
Franco-Belgian ceramist. After an experience at the factory of Nymphemburg near Munich, he became responsible for the decoration workshop of the Manufacture de
La Louviere, Boch Keramis, from 1907 to 1947.
He will be successful, and he will leave many vases including renowned sandstone, with stylized motifs drawn from fauna and flora.

Leon Delfant (1906-1966) has been a full time collaborator at «l’Atelier de Fantaisie» between 1924 and 1964.

Boch Frères Keramis, later Royal Boch, was founded in 1841 by Eugène and Victor Boch, together with their brother-in-law, Jean-Baptiste Nothomb. At its height the company was one of Belgium’s largest producers of ceramics. 

Boch Frères Keramis dominated the Belgian market in the late 19th century, but it would see particular success in the first half of the 20th century with the arrival of Catteau, whose developments of form, technique and decoration transformed ceramics into an exceptional class of Art Deco wares.


Art Deco BFK Leon Delfant Deer Vase.

Provenance: From a Quality Dallas Private Collection.

Condition: Very good original condition. No cracks or chips.

Dimensions: 8 inches tall with a widest Diameter of 6.5 inches