19C Pair of Large Staffordshire Ironstone Floor Vases

19C Pair of Large Staffordshire Ironstone Floor Vases.

Nice pair of Large 19th Century Ironstone Blue and White Floor Vases…….made in Staffordshire, Britain in the Chinese style.

Trailing foliage with birds on each.

Large tulip style handles on each.

Natural crazing indicates age.

Made circa 1860.


STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY: Staffordshire pottery is pottery that is produced in the Staffordshire potteries area of the United Kingdom. This area is in the Midlands – the potteries used to centre around six separate towns (Burslem, Fenton, Hanley, Longton, Stoke and Tunstall) which are now Stoke on Trent.

The area really came into focus as the powerhouse of pottery production in the UK and indeed in the world in the 1700-1800s but, the truth is, that this has been a significant pottery producing area for centuries. Staffordshire has plenty of clay, lead, salt and coal in the area which made it a perfect place for pottery production.

In its heyday there were hundreds of manufacturers producing all kinds of pottery in Staffordshire – some of whom became famous names and some of whom are still producing pottery to this day.

Link: http://www.staffordshirepottery.com/

Ironstone china, ironstone ware or most commonly just ironstone, is a type of vitreous pottery first made in the United Kingdom in the early 19th century. It is often classed as earthenware[1][2] although in appearance and properties it is similar to fine stoneware.[3] It was developed in the 19th century by potters in Staffordshire, England as a cheaper, mass-produced alternative for porcelain.[4]

There is no iron in ironstone; its name is derived from its notable strength and durability.

Ironstone in Britain’s Staffordshire potteries was closely associated with the company founded by Charles James Mason following his patent of 1813,[1][5] with the name subsequently becoming generic.[6] The strength of Mason’s ironstone body enabled the company to produce ornamental objects of considerable size[7][8] including vestibule vases 1.5 metres high[9] and mantelpieces assembled from several large sections.[10]

Antique ironstone wares are collectible, and in particular items made by Mason’s.

Link; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ironstone_china

19C Pair of Large Staffordshire Ironstone Floor Vases.

Provenance: Bought at Auction in the UK.

Dimensions: 16.5″ High and 8.5″ at Widest Point

Condition: Near Mint.


19C Chinese Blue & White Floor Vases

19C Chinese Blue & White Floor Vase (Pair)

Ironstone Floor Vases

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