19C British Trumpet Shaped Table with Games Top

19C British Trumpet Shaped Table with Games Top.

This is a Gorgeous mid 19th Century Victorian British cylindrical or trumpet sewing table/Box on carved stand with beautiful parquetry inlaid lid/top with chessboard or checkers board design.

From circa 1860.

The Interior is in great shape with original blue silk lids and decorative paper lining.

Beautifully tripod carved base with padded feet.

Probably used mainly as a sewing accessory but could also have been used for games…..hence the checkerboard lid.

Made of walnut.

In Victorian times they did not have Netflix………..evenings were mainly spent reading, sewing and playing board games and cards. Ladies of elegance would proudly possess and display their sewing boxes. The most common accessory was the sewing box which would hold the Lady’s needles, wool, darn, etc. Crochet was the realm of young ladies of style.

All children of ‘standing’ in Victorian times would do crochet work, hence the abundance of “Samplers” still collected today.

A sewing or games box like this one would have reflected the high social standing of its owner.

These type of tables were obviously ‘a cut above’ the humble sewing box.

This type of trumpet shaped table had 2 functions…..(1) to act as a sewing box and (2) to play board games like chess or draughts (checkers) on its lid.

This is a TOP QUALITY piece…………the lid is inlaid with parquetry in the style of a chess board…..the parquetry is made of a combination of satinwood, walnut, ebony and boxwood. The chess pattern is intersected with chevron stringing.

Outside the chess board, the lid is inlaid with 4 marquetry inlays of floral motifs scrolling on each side of the board.

The edge of the lid is inlaid with Tunbridge ware style parquetry inlay.

Tunbridge ware is a form of decoratively inlaid woodwork, typically in the form of boxes, that is characteristic of Tonbridge and the spa town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent in the 18th and 19th centuries. The decoration typically consists of a mosaic of many very small pieces of different coloured woods that form a pictorial vignette. Shaped rods and slivers of wood were first carefully glued together, then cut into many thin slices of identical pictorial veneer with a fine saw. Elaborately striped and feathered bandings for framing were pre-formed in a similar fashion.

There is a collection of Tunbridge ware in the Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery in Tunbridge Wells.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunbridge_ware

The carving of the central baluster and tripod feet is exquisite in detail and execution.

This is a VERY ELEGANT piece of furniture !!

19C British Trumpet Shaped Table with Games Top.

Provenance: Bought from a reputable Dealer in Ireland.

Dimensions: 31″ tall, 17.75″ wide and 18″ deep

Condition: Some minor repairs to the hinges of the lid on the interior but otherwise very good. Sale includes the Wooden Chess Set seen in the photos with damage to the White King.

Price NOW: $3,000

19C British Sewing Table with Chess or Checkers Inlaid Marquetry Top

19C British Sewing Table with Chess or Checkers Inlaid Marquetry Top - open

19C British Sewing Table with Chess or Checkers Inlaid Marquetry Top - base

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