British Porcelain Masons Ironstone Mandalay Candlestick

British Porcelain Masons Ironstone Mandalay Candlestick.

Pretty Early 20th Century Candlestick…..British porcelain…..Masons Ironstone…..Mandalay Pattern…..fully marked.

Hand-painted with Floral design with cobalt blue, deep oranges, green, yellow and magenta with gilded edgings.

Slight repair to top……………priced accordingly.

Circa 1920.

Mason’s Ironstone was made by the English pottery of Charles J. Mason after 1813. Mason, of Lane Delph, was given a patent for this improved earthenware. Some experts believe the name ironstone came from the slag, but others think it came from the fact that the ware was as hard as iron. It was usually called Mason’s Patent Ironstone China. It resisted chipping and breaking so it became popular for dinnerwares and other table service dishes. Vases and other decorative pieces were also made. The ironstone was decorated with orange, blue, gold, and other colors, often in Japanese inspired designs. Mason’s had financial difficulties, but the molds and the name Mason were used by many owners through the years, including Francis Morley, Taylor Ashworth, George L. Ashworth, and John Shaw. Mason’s joined the Wedgwood group in 1973 and the name is still found on dinnerwares.


British Porcelain Masons Ironstone Mandalay Candlestick.

Provenance: Bought at an Estate Sale in Ireland.

Dimensions: 6.5″ High and 3.5″ diameter on base

Condition:Minor chip to top. Repaired.

Price Now: $24.99

Masons - 19C British Porceline Candle Holder - Mandalay Pattern (2)

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