19C Anglo Indian Stationery Campaign Chest with secret drawers – EXCEPTIONAL

19C Anglo Indian Stationery Campaign Chest with secret drawers.

PRESENTING A STUNNING AND EXTREMELY RARE 19th Century Anglo-Indian Stationery Campaign Chest/Box.

Gorgeous and extremely rare and unique 19th Century piece……made in 1897.

EVERYTHING about this Chest oozes QUALITY……from the locks, to the inlay, to the interior and to the marquetry detail !


19C Anglo Indian Stationery Campaign Chest.

Made primarily of teak, it is beautifully inlaid with brass (in the Boulle style), bone and ebony on top. Brass bound for campaign use on top and sides and stunning specimen wood marquetry on all sides. Brass inlaid string throughout. Recessed brass carry handles. The gorgeous floral marquetry features a Bull’s head as it central motif. The front base panel drops down to open the interior by key (it has its original key). Once open it hinges to reveal a two-tier interior with stationary drawers, gorgeous original velvet lining and fret work. By removing all internal drawers you can access a hidden button that releases a secret drawer. Some people have called this a ‘Zanzibar Box’, but as an expert in Anglo-Indian furniture, I am confident that it is a Vizigapatam made chest. It has what appears to be a makers mark on it’s top, Uttersingh & Co., but we cannot find any records of the company or any similar items by them. Likewise, it has imprinted on the top the date of manufacture: 2.8.97. The entire inscription reads: ” 2.8.97 Uttersingh Latest Pattern”. What also tells us it is Anglo-Indian are the brass fittings and lock. The main lock is impressed with the makers mark: ” Secure Lever” and “E. Thomson & Co. Ltd. Calcutta”. Only a very high ranking British officer could afford such a piece in 1897. THIS IS THE “KING” OF ANGLO-INDIAN CAMPAIGN BOXES !! Condition is excellent considering it’s age and use. Some very minor loss of ebony in the brass inlay on top. Some minor losses to the boxwood fretwork on the interior stationary pouches as is evident from the photos. Some very minor losses to the floral fretwork to the front of the secret bottom drawer. Some minor loss of fretwork on the interior stationary compartments. Despite these minor losses we consider this piece to be a MUSEUM QUALITY piece !

Anglo Indian boxes were made in India for the English residents from the early part of the 18th century. They were brought back or sent back to England usually by the people who had commissioned them. From the beginning of the nineteenth century they were imported more commercially, although not in any significant numbers until the middle decades. They were very highly valued, especially the early ones, to the extent that the designs were copied on late 19th and early 20th century tins.

Link: http://hygra.com/anglo.html

We have been collecting Anglo-Indian Colonial pieces for the last 20 years and have a large selection in our Inventory……but we can say, with all honesty, that this piece is the MOST EXCEPTIONAL Anglo-Indian Chest we have EVER seen !!!

It really needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate its beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

19C Anglo Indian Stationery Campaign Chest.

Dimensions: 25″ wide, 15″ deep and 12″high

Provenance: Bought by us from a Fine Antique Dealer friend in Dublin, Ireland.

Condition: The overall condition of this chest is excellent. The exterior is pretty much mint. There is some very minor loss of some of the fretwork on the interior as is evident from the photos…but this not devalue this piece one bit. It is still EXCEPTIONAL and EXTREMELY RARE.

Price Now: $9,750



19C Anglo-Indian Campaign Chest Open


Rockwell Antiques dallas - 19thC Anglo-Indian Stationary Campaign Chest


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