18C Anglo Indian Vizagapatam Casket – EXCEPTIONAL AND RARE

18C Anglo Indian Vizagapatam Casket.

GORGEOUS AND RARE late 18th Century…..circa 1780…..Anglo-Indian lidded casket.

Made in Vizagapatam, India……..sandalwood casket with bone/faux ivory edging and banding.

The banding is hand decorated with lac ink (indelible ink made from ground beetles) in floral patterns.

The lid lifts to reveal and casket for storage of jewelry or valuable items. The lid is topped with a carved circular faux ivory finial in the form of a flower petal.

The Box sits on 4 carved floral bun feet.


FANTASTIC CONDITION for something so old and rare !!!

ANGLO-INDIAN BOXES: Anglo Indian boxes were made in India for the English residents from the early part of the 18th century. They were brought back or sent back to England usually by the people who had commissioned them. From the beginning of the nineteenth century they were imported more commercially, although not in any significant numbers until the middle decades. They were very highly valued, especially the early ones, to the extent that the designs were copied on late 19th and early 20th century tins.
The early 19th century horn boxes were made in very robust architectural shapes. They often had stepped or canted lids of radiating reeded segments culminating in turned and fluted finials. They stood on turned feet, which showed up the form to full advantage. By the middle of the century shapes became simpler and smaller, sometimes domed, covered with flat horn veneer. They were decorated with fretted or incised ivory strips affixed with ivory pins.
Link: http://www.hygra.com/anglo.html#2

From the early 18th century Vizagapatam in India was a leading center for wood and ivory work, where craftsmen produced fancy furniture and novelty wares specifically for western consumers.

18C Anglo Indian Vizagapatam Casket.

Provenance: Part of our Extensive Anglo-Indian Collection.

Condition: Very good.

Dimensions: 5.5″ High, 9.25″ Wide and 7″ Deep

Price Now: $1,750


18C Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam Casket (2)

18C Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam Casket (3)

18C Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam Casket (4)

18C Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam Casket

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