18C American Federal Specimen Wood Tripod Occasional Table

18C American Federal Specimen Wood Tripod Occasional  Table.

Really interesting and RARE little tripod table !!

The table top is made of various specimen woods…………….STUNNING !!!!!

The center panel is a large sunburst pattern surrounded by geometrically shaped specimen wood inserts and 4 smaller sunburst patterns in each corner. The edging of the table is chevron shaped specimen woods.

The base and feet are made of dark walnut and typically of the American Federal style…..upper East Coast…..circa 1780.

Possibly New York/Philadephia.

Turned central column with 3 legs…..each ending in slim carved feet with toes.

We have never seen another like it…..it is truly unique !

AMERICAN FEDERAL FURNITURE: Federal furniture refers to American furniture produced in the Federal Period, which lasted from approximately 1789 to 1823.[1] Notable furniture makers who worked in the federal style included Duncan Phyfe and Charles-Honoré Lannuier. It was influenced by the Georgian and Adam styles, and was superseded by the American Empire style.

Pieces in this style are characterized by their sharply geometric forms, legs that are usually straight rather than curved, contrasting veneers, and geometric inlay patterns on otherwise flat surfaces.[2] Pictorial motifs, when extant, usually reference the new federal government with symbols such as the eagle.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_furniture

18C American Federal Specimen Wood Tripod Occasional Table.

Dimensions: 28″ tall with top being 15.7″ squared

Provenance: Bought privately from a well know Irish Dealer who regularly sells items on behalf of Irish American Families.

Condition: Excellent.

Price Now: $2,900

18C Specimen Wood Table Top

18C Specimen Wood Tea Table - Possibly American

18C Specimen Wood Tea Table 2

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