17C Italian Renaissance Walnut Credenza or Cabinet

17C Italian Renaissance Walnut Credenza or Cabinet.

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 17th Century…..Renaissance………Italian Walnut Credenza or Cabinet
The natural Patina on this cabinet is simply STUNNING.
Italian…..circa 1680.

Top has an indented carved molding on front and sides. The edges of the plain top are bevelled. Gorgeous hand carved corbels in the shape of acanthus, over waterfall side pillars. Two drawers to the top with indented and fluted carving and a pointed finial as a drawer handle/pull. The 2 base doors each have central circular hand carved roundelles with pointed finial on each. the base is again heavily hand carved and it sits on 2 GLORIOUS ‘paw’ feet with amazing detail right down to the toenails. It has its original latch, lock and key. All working. Beautiful hand chased hinges.

You will not find another one like it !!!

Renaissance furniture was first produced in Italy during the 15th century. Trade brought wealth to Italy, and the growing bourgeoisie was able to afford better and bigger housing. Also, they significantly increased the demand for high-quality furniture.

The Italian style of furniture also spread to other parts of Europe. Craftsmen from other countries traveled to Italy to learn its form and techniques, and some Italian makers were invited to other European nations by the local courts. In many places, the designs were adapted to better suit the local taste and requirements.
As it happened in other arts of the time, Renaissance furniture was influenced by the Classical World. The pieces had a strong architectural sense and were conceived to be a subordinated part of the architectonic design.

Furniture was also seen as a symbol of social status. Items like beds were an important symbol of wealth because they were expensive, and only the richest families could afford to have them. Canopy beds with four pillars became popular among the wealthy. On the other hand, many people still slept on mattresses stuffed with straw or even directly on a bed of straw. Something similar happened with chairs. While the wealthy families had large, comfortable and elaborate chairs, the lower classes had simpler chairs. The scissor, or x-shaped chair, was a common item.

The marriage chest, or cassoni, was a characteristic type of furniture during the Renaissance. This chest was a wooden box decorated on the top and sides, and it was used both to store items and room decoration. All social classes tried to have at least one. However, the level of detail and ornamentation varied among social classes, and only the wealthiest could afford the most elaborate pieces.

Furniture had a restrained character with simple designs and a moderate ornamentation. The decoration consisted mostly of carved details created on the surface of the wood. The designs often had some architectonic elements from the Classical World like columns, pediments, and cornices.

Other than architectonic elements, the ornaments were also inspired in mythological, historical, and religious themes. Some of the common motifs were strapwork, foliage, cupids, and arabesques, an Islamic form of decoration consisting of interlaced stylized leaves and flowers.

Furniture makers commonly used walnut or sometimes chestnut. Some makers continued to use oak, which had been very popular for centuries but was gradually abandoned. The pieces from this period usually had dark colors that made a strong contrast with the interior walls. Some pieces, especially the chests, had painted or gilded (covered in gold leafs) finish.

Link: https://study.com/academy/lesson/renaissance-furniture-history-style.html

17C Italian Renaissance Walnut Credenza or Cabinet.

Provenance: From a Dallas Private Collection.

Dimensions: 42″ tall, 44″ Wide and 16″ Deep

Condition: Very Good. Normal wear and tear from a piece of this age. The top is slightly bowed.

Price Now: $5,600

17C Italian Renaissance Walnut Credenza or Cabinet

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