Monumental Capodimonte Style Table Lamp

Monumental Capodimonte Style Table Lamp.

Monumental Capodimonte Style Table Lamp

PRESENTING a GORGEOUS Monumental Capodimonte Style Table Lamp of large proportions.

In a the form or shape of a 2 handled urn on plinth with an abundance of flower bouquets, Cherubs or Putti with original shade.

Maker unknown but undeniably Italian Capodimonte in style..

Very  Nice table lamp…………….IMPRESSIVE and IMPOSING!

Early 20th Century….circa 1910 – 20.


Fully working condition.







Capodimonte porcelain is porcelain created by the Capodimonte porcelain manufactory, which was established in Naples, Italy, in 1743. Capodimonte porcelain was made in direct emulation of Meissen porcelain. Capodimonte is famous for its moulded figurines and its decorative modelled flowers applied to cups and vases.

With this factory they gave birth to one of the most famous Italian forms of art.

The tradition until modern times

The Capodimonte porcelain tradition endured thanks to the creativity of the Neapolitan artists. During the second half of the 19th century, the first handicraft factories were created. They were all family-managed. In 1867, Alfonso Majello, knighted "Cavaliere del Lavoro", founded the Majello factory, which continues to produce Capodimonte porcelain.

In 2012 the first e-store of Capodimonte Porcelain is founded by Vincenzo Castaldo through "Capodimonte's Finest".





Monumental Capodimonte Style Table Lamp.

Provenance: From a Texas Dealer's Private Collection.

Dimensions:  " Tall with a diameter of  " at its widest.

Condition: MINT.

Price: $1,350.00. Sale Price Now: $725.00