20C American Gilt Framed Mirror – JA Olson

Mid 20C American Gilt Framed Mirror.

Mid 20C American Gilt Framed Mirror

Lovely mid-20th Century American gilt framed mirror of medium proportions.

Very decorative mirror……with mirror surround in the design of flowing acanthus leaves.

Made by J.A. Olson Company of Winona, Mississippi.

Label on back….marked “J75”.

20C American Gilt Framed Mirror.


J.A. Olson was based in Winona, Mississippi and produced high quality items from the 50's to the 80's. This Permaflect Mirror is a very nice mid century example. The Mississippi part of the corporation dissolved in 1988.
The Olsen Building was destroyed by fire in 2015.

J.A. Olson Co. famously sued the City of Winona in 1987 to establish its location for tax status.....
J.A. Olson Company (Olson) (plaintiff) alleged federal subject matter jurisdiction based on diversity of citizenship. Olson sued the City of Winona (Winona) (defendant), which was incorporated in Mississippi. Olson was incorporated in Illinois and had various operations in Mississippi. Olson maintained its only manufacturing plant in Mississippi. Olson also made significant managerial decisions in Mississippi, including: employment, production, and account management decisions. Olson maintained bank accounts in Mississippi and was involved in various Mississippi organizations and associations. Olson was not a member of similar organizations or associations in other states. While Olson was headquartered in Illinois, the decisions made in Illinois were based on information derived from Mississippi. The district court held that Olson’s primary place of business was in Mississippi and dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction.......unfortunately the Appeal Court Ruling went against Olson which probably explains why it ceased operating in Winona the following year.


20C American Gilt Framed Mirror.

Provenance: Bought privately in US.

Dimensions: 47.5" x 33.5"


Mid-20C American Gilt Framed Mirror (2)

Mid-20C American Gilt Framed Mirror

20C American Wall Mirror