Early 20C Mahogany Barristers 5 Door Bookcase

Early 20C Mahogany Barristers 5 Door Bookcase.

Early 20C Mahogany Barristers 5 Door Bookcase

GORGEOUS Early 20th Century…….circa 1910…….Barrister’s Bookcase.

Probably British but purchased privately in Ireland.

Made entirely of the best mahogany………nothing but the best for us lawyers !!! LOL


The barrister bookcase is a traditional shelving unit that is distinguished by a clear glass front. Originating in Great Britain, this bookcase has the advantage of being easy to secure to a wall, or several units may be stacked to create the look of an attractive cabinet. The choices of wood, glass, and hardware can give a barrister bookcase a simple or ornate appearance, depending on the preferences of the owner.

One of the attractions of the barrister bookcase is that the construction helps to provide a greater degree of protection than many types of bookshelves. The glass doors help to limit the amount of dust that can settle on the books, which will help to keep the book collection in better overall shape. Along with protecting the books from dust, it is also possible to outfit the doors with tempered glass that helps to minimize the impact of sunlight on the spines of the books, effectively helping to keep the color of the bindings from fading.

Link: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-barrister-bookcase.htm


The bookcase consists of 5 doors with glass front on each that lifts and tilts upwards and the slides back into the case for easy access to books.

The 5 doors are each individual units that fit on top of each other using tongue and groove.

The top 3 doors are equal in size and topped with a simple but elegant pelmet.

The 4th door is smaller...........to accentuate the much larger base unit, which curves downwards to the floor base.

SIMPLY STUNNING in its elegance and simplicity !!!

This IS the BEST Barrister's Bookcase we have ever seen......it is made of the best mahogany

....has the best natural patina and is in PRISTINE CONDITION !!

Provenance: Bought privately from a reputable dealer in Ireland 20 years ago......and has been in a lawyers office ever since.....namely MINE !

Dimensions: The entire piece is 75.25" High and 33.75" Wide

Doors 1 to 3 are each 13.5" high and 11.25" deep

Door 4 is 10.5" high and 11.25" deep

Door 5 (Base Unit) is 15.75" High and 14" Deep

The top pelmet is 4" high and 14.75 " Deep

The Base is 17.5" Deep at floor level


Early 20C Barristers Bookcase - 5 door

Early 20C Barristers Bookcase - 5 door (2)

Early 20C Barristers Bookcase - 5 door (3)

Early 20C Barristers Bookcase - 5 door (4)

Early 20C Barristers Bookcase - 5 door (5)