Barristers Bookcase of Neat Proportions

PRESENTING a Barristers Bookcase of Neat Proportions.

Made of teak and of LOVELY neat proportions.

Most Barrister’s Bookcase’s are much wider and taller, such as the classic Globe Wiernicke examples. This one is much narrower and smaller and is ideal for the storage of books or collectibles without taking up much space. It is a perfect companion for a classic desk in someone’s Den.

20th Century and possibly made in the UK.

Very William IV in style.

Pelmet on top, followed by four stacked sections and base. Each door is hinged and opens up and backwards to stay open.


A barrister’s bookcase is a classic design originally design to house volumes of books for barristers (lawyers). But you don’t have to be a lawyer to incorporate this design into your home. The cases are modular and can be stacked in any number and any orientation to suit your space and tastes. The glass doors allow you to see the contents while also protecting your precious books, DVDs and/or collectibles.

Barristers Bookcase of Neat Proportions.

Provenance: Bought Privately in Dallas.

Condition: Very Good.

Dimensions: 56″ Tall, 14″ Deep and 15.75″ Wide.

PRICE Now: $1,400

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