20C Chesterfield Captains Chair – Green Leather & Button-Back

20C Chesterfield Captains Chair.

20C Chesterfield Captains Chair

LOVELY 20th Century Executive/Partners Chair…………..known as a Chesterfield Captain’s Chair……mahogany and Moroccan Green Leather with button-back and cushion.

Open back with turned columns.

On casters for moving and it rotates 360 degrees if necessary.

Really nice decorative chair for you Den or Home Office !

A Captain's chair is defined as: an armchair with a saddle seat and a low curved back with vertical spindles.


Chesterfield: Chesterfield Furniture is the style of leather furniture with the use of buttons.

So, where did the word ‘Chesterfield’, in relation to the iconic style of furniture we all know and love, actually come from? Many believe it’s an adopted turn of phrase, stemming back to the turn of the century when Chesterfield started to become the word used to describe a regular sofa in Canada and some parts of America.

Over in England, however, a davenport with arms and back of the same height in buttoned leather may also referred to as a Chesterfield sofa. While some believe the term is adopted, others say that the fourth earl of Chesterfield – Philip Stanhope (1764-1773) was honoured by the commissioning of a piece of fine furniture, in this case a leather Chesterfield. that originated in Chesterfield, England.

Elsewhere, others say 'Chesterfield' originally referred to the style of buttoning of the leather, shape of the sofa back, and even the height of the seat.

Made by proud craftsmen for proud customers, the Chesterfield remains as iconic today as it was hundreds of years ago, and whatever the reason behind the name, a leather Chesterfield by any other name would today seem somewhat strange.

Link: http://www.distinctivechesterfields.com/the-history-of-the-chesterfield-sofa.html


20C Chesterfield Captains Chair - Green Leather & Button-Back.

Dimensions: 33" Tall, 22.5" Deep and 24" Wide

Price: $875.00. Sale Price Now: $600.00 - SOLD

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20C Green Moroccan Leather and Mahogany Partners Chair