19C Louis XVI Style Desk by Paul Sormani

PRESENTING AN ABSOLUTELY STUNNING piece of extreme high end French furniture … a 19C Louis XVI Style Desk by Paul Sormani.

19th Century Louis XVI Style Desk by Paul Sormani of Paris.

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This desk consists of a rectangular shaped desk on 4 fluted and columned, ormolu mounted legs.

The cartonnier is fitted with five gilt-tooled leather faced hinged compartments, the desk with a gilt-tooled brown leather writing surface above three frieze drawers, the lock plate of the central drawer signed PAUL SORMANI/ 10 r. Charlot Paris.

3 drawers on the seating side. One large center drawer with glorious ormolu bronze mounts with 2 smaller drawers on either side with ring pulls and flower bouquet ormolu mounts.

3 ‘faux’ drawers on the non-seating side which completely mirror the other side in decoration.

A removeable cabinet for placing on either end of the desk depending on the dominant hand of the owner. The cabinet has a galleried top with Grecian ormolu gallery. 2 small drawers on either side. 5 removeable drawers to the front with hinged fronts. Note: One drawer knob is missing. The knobs have a floral; decoration to the front.

The desk and cabinet have the ORIGINAL chocolate brown leather with gold banding. The entire desk top is banded and edged in gilt bronze.

The wood appears to be a fine mahogany.

The desk is signed on the lock for the main central drawer:

“PAUL SORMANI 10 r Charlot, Paris”

This address is important in ageing the piece to 1867 as it was made before Paul Sormani died but just as he set up shop at this address.

Paul Sormani born in Canzo ( Italy ) in 1817 and died in Paris 3 e the 4 February 1887 1 , is a cabinetmaker Parisian, of Lombard-Venetian origin. Paul Sormani established his shop in 1847 at 7, cemetery Saint Nicolas, then in 1854 at 114, rue du Temple finally in 1867 at 10, rue Charlot in Paris . The Empress Eugenie , wife of Napoleon III , will make the success of the house by decorating its palaces with the creations of Paul Sormani. When Paul Sormani died, his son Paul-Charles (1848-1926), and his mother Ursula Marie Philippine born Bouvaist, show the activity under the name “Paul Sormani Widow and Son,” from 1878. The cabinetmaker and ornamentalist Edouard Lièvre collaborates with the Sormani house for the realization of some furniture, some of which were made after the death of Paul Sormani. In 1914 , his son Paul-Charles Sormani teamed up with Thiebault Frères to create a boutique at 134, boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The House Thiebault-Sormani, exhibit particularly furniture for the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925 5  : this shop that produced high-quality pieces in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI, continues up in 1934 , the date of its closure. In addition to the many copies of furniture from the xviii th  century French and furniture production directly inspired styles popular during the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI, Sormani including manufactures grandfather clocks , and many tabletterie objects as jewelery boxes, bronze inkwells , boxes for writing or liquor cabinet etc … Some writing case models were perfect replicas of those made by Jean-Pierre Tahan (dimensions, shapes, marquetry …). Many pieces of furniture made by Paul Sormani, are exhibited in the Ajuda National Palace , in Ajuda , civil parish of LisbonPortugal. The Sormani House participates in major international exhibitions of 1855 , 1862 and 1867 with “small fancy furniture” and reproductions of excellent quality of some pieces of the Garde Meuble National . She won a bronze medal in 1849 , at the Exposition of the Second Republic , in Paris, and won a silver medal at the 1855 World’s Fair in Paris, a bronze medal at the 1862 World’s Fair in London. At the World Expo 1867 in Paris, his work is described in these terms: “all production reveals quality of execution of the first order” , and obtains a silver Note 1 . Moreover, Sormani awarded a gold medal at the 1878 Universal Exhibition in Paris, an honorary diploma at the Colonial Exhibition of 1883 in Amsterdam , and the Grand Prix at the Paris World Exhibition of 1889.

Link: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Sormani


19C Louis XVI Style Desk by Paul Sormani.

Provenance: From a Private Dallas Collection. The original owner bought it in Paris from a high-end retailer, in the 1980’s and brought it to Las Vegas.

Condition: Very good original condition. One or 2 blemishes through age and use. One knob missing on the cabinet. The legs are very slightly loose but the piece is still strong, steady and functioning.

Dimensions: The Desk is 31″ Tall, 35.5″ Wide and 66.5″ Long

The Cabinet is 16.75″ Tall, 11″ Deep and 32″ Wide.

PRICE Now: $48,000

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