19C Irish Provincial Oak Boot Pull

19C Irish Provincial Oak Boot Pull.


This is an early 19th Century…..circa 1820……provincial oak boot pull.

Made in Britain or most probably in Ireland, especially as the scalloped edge is synonymous with Irish Georgian furniture..

Now you may ask…..what is a “Boot-Pull” ????

Back in the 18th and 19th Centuries (an even today) Country Gentlemen who engage in their weekend pastime of ‘The Hunt”……Hunting Boots are notoriously tight and difficult to take off after a strenuous day on horseback during the Hunt (not to mention probably swollen from all the Whiskey and Port consumed on the Hunt !!! LOL)…….these were designed to help the Hunter remove his boots !!! You would place your heel into the loop on the Pull and lever the boots off !

In all our years collecting we have only seen one or two of these ………. of this age for sale…..they were probably discarded because people did not know what they were or their function !

Therefore, this one is VERY RARE !

The construction is simple…..a solid piece of oak…..with a paddle type front end culminating in a looped section for placing your boot and a u-shaped lever on the base for tilting. Some simple carving on the hilt.

These pieces were deliberately not profusely carved as their were functional pieces not intended to be decorative !

Gorgeous natural patina !!

One for the Cowboy or avid rider !!

PROVINCIAL FURNITURE: ‘Provincial” furniture is the term used to describe pieces of furniture that were made in the more rural and rustic parts of the Country involved. Generally speaking, provincial pieces tend to be made from easily accessible local woods such as oak, ash and maple. Designs tended to be simpler in form than pieces made in the major cities. The major cities had greater access to more exotic imported woods and designs tended to be more more intricate and inspired by the prevailing global trends.Wealth also had a large part to play in most provincial pieces. Clearly, the wealthy people of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries wanted ONLY THE BEST AVAILABLE………….and would buy their furniture from high-end city retailers or manufacturers and often had then specifically made for them on commission. Ordinary folk could not afford this but would instead rely upon local cabinet makers for their furniture needs.

19C Irish Provincial Oak Boot Pull.

Provenance: Bought from a reputable dealer in Ireland.

Condition: Very good original condition.

Dimensions: 29″ long and 6″ Wide at the widest point of the loop. 4″ Deep

Price Now: $280

Early 19C British Oak Boot Pull

Early 19C British Oak Boot Pull (2)

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